Brushing Your Teeth With Bacteria From Seaweed Could Be More Effective Than Toothpaste

Brushing Your Teeth With Bacteria From Seaweed Could Be More Effective Than Toothpaste

Brushing your teeth with bacteria from seaweed could be more effective than the toothpaste that you currently use to brush your teeth. It states that microbes found in seaweed could be a very powerful weapon to fight off bacteria from someone’s teeth and tooth decay. Dr Nicholas Jakubovics of Newcastle University’s School of Dental Sciences is a very firm believer that better products being made can produce the same or even better results using this enzyme. He goes on to say that plaque on your teeth is made up of bacteria which unite together and make a colony to push out any competition. Most traditional toothpaste work by scrubbing off the plaque but it’s not very effective all the time, which is why some people who are very avid about always brushing their teeth still overtime develop cavities. He says that work that was conducted in a test tube shows that this particular enzyme can cut through the layers of plaque or bacteria surrounding the teeth.

At this time (2018) many pet products are combating tooth plaque with a seaweed powder.

Key Points:

  • 1A bacteria initially investigated to clean hulls of ships was found to be effective at getting rid of the plaque on your teeth.
  • 2Brushing alone is not that effective against plaque.
  • 3Seaweed could help prevent tooth decay.

While toothpastes are effective, there are still hard-to-reach areas between teeth where the bacteria in plaque can erode enamel, causing cavities.

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