Cortisol – Enemy or Friend?

Cortisol is a stress hormone which has long been considered a problem for athletes, but understanding it is key to living a healthy life. Although cortisol is linked to the breakdown of muscle protein, it is essential for the production of energy and other necessary proteins the body requires. Often, athletes point to the production of cortisol competing with the production of testosterone, as both require pregnenolone to synthesize. The increase in production of one decreases the production of the other, slowing the development or maintenance of muscle mass. Although a lack of energy, or poor athletic performance occur at either extreme of cortisol production, a balance provides benefits and promotes healthy living.

The main way to control cortisol production is to eliminate or manage stress, as it is produced to a greater degree in periods of difficulty. Reducing stress provides many health benefits, and should always be a primary concern. Cortisol levels can also be more directly managed by taking B vitamin supplements, which serve to metabolize excess neurotransmitters. Other supplements like ginko biloba or rhodiola rosea also help the body reach a homeostatic balance. The reduction or removal of stimulants such as coffee or other caffeine products can also be helpful. Replacing them with green tea is an excellent solution. There are more ways to manage cortisol production, but they are dependent on the needs of the individual and their situation.

Key Points:

  • 1To lower your Cortisol levels you can incorporate adaptogenic herbs into your diet.
  • 2Supplementing your vitamin b intake is crucial in lowering your Cortisol levels.
  • 3Magnesium rich vegetables and supplements can also aid in the lowering of your Cortisol levels.

cortisol has two faces — it improves the composition of the body or destroys our body and health when it’s not secreted properly

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