Diet for Autumn

It’s Autumn, and that’s the time when it starts to get cold outside, days seem to be shorter overall and the sun you’ll see a lot less of. Sometimes for most people weather and times like this can promote and lead to bad moods, a case of drowsiness and being very unmotivated to do anything. So here’s a list of things to improve your overall Autumn experience!

Eating fish is great for Autumn times, it provides beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids that are also a source of Vitamin D.   Depression and other things are result of low vitamin D and having that deficiency can be fixed with fish from the sea.

Also colorful vegetables are really good, the saying goes the more colors you have on a plate the better it is for you and that’s no exception here, Autumn’s a good and perfect season for pumpkin vegetables, and even beetroot. Maybe a lot of people don’t know this so this could be a fun fact for you, but Pumpkin’s are very rich in minerals and vitamins and the list of vitamins it contain’s is insane from C,A,E,K B6 and other vitamins essential to keeping you running at your tip top shape.

Overall while Autumn can be a slug fest for most people there are ways to make this experience so much better if you follow some of these steps.

Key Points:

  • 1Omega 3 fatty acids from fish and Vitamin D can make you feel less depressed.
  • 2Eating the right Autumn vegetables can give you more energy, make you healthier.
  • 3Adding warm Autumn spices can add lots of flavor to your dishes to make your food more enjoyable.

Autumn is a perfect season for pumpkin vegetables, as well as paprika, sauerkraut or beetroot.

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