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Edible flowers for springI’ve never been a gardener that is until recently. Even so, my husband has the expert green thumb in our family. I am what you would call a novice. I’m still learning. I love getting my hands in the dirt in our yard–actually I usually wear gloves– but I do love moving the earth around and growing delicious things for our table. Over the last few years I’ve gotten to be sort of a snob. I’ve started to notice that even vegetables from the organic section don’t have nearly the flavor (or love) of those grown in our yard. That’s one of the reasons I love spring. It’s a fresh start. Time to start planting all of the things you would like to eat. I get to add to the mix things I wish I would’ve had last year, or plant more of something I loved. We have a big vegetable garden, but at our house, I’m mainly the flower goddess. I do mind the vegetables, but I find myself often more concerned about the flowers. This time of year I look around and note all the places I want to see bright patches of color when summer is in full bloom. And there is one place my love of flowers matches my love of eating things grown in our yard… edible flowers.

Key Points:

  • 1Grow and eat beauty.
  • 2I’m a huge fan of beauty and color.
  • 3Integrate beauty with nutrition.

So if you want an easy way to integrate beauty with nutrition or to just add a smile to your face, I highly recommend planting yourself a little plot of edible splendor this summer.

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