How Safe and Effective are Supplements Containing Synephrine?

How Safe and Effective are Supplements Containing Synephrine?

Many of us are eager to lose weight. However we can, whatever might do the trick. Thermogenic fat burning supplements are a common and often chosen option. These supplements are comprised of various substances that help promote higher metabolism and encourage the body to use up the calories stored in body fat.

A common ingredient in thermogenic fat burners is synephrine. A natural component in some fruits, such as bitter oranges, it’s long been known to Chinese medical practice. In fact bitter oranges have the highest concentration of synephrine, even though most citrus fruits have some. Synephrine is similar to ephedrine, and works in mostly the same way. And while there are external sources of it, the body can also sometimes synthesize it for you under certain conditions.

In the body, synephrine acts on your general metabolism. It affects muscle action, including skeletal muscles as well as less obvious muscles like those that control vascular constriction. Synephrine also helps prompt the liver toward glycogenesis, which converts stored fat into usable caloric energy.

Taking synephrine increases the rate at which you burn calories, even if you’re not otherwise engaged in physical activity. Thus the nickname of fat burner. Most sources suggest a dose of ten to twenty milligrams, as often as three times in a day. Higher doses are sometimes taken by athletes as part of workouts, but in such cases the higher dose is not repeated throughout the day.

Key Points:

  • 1Synephrine is an ephedrine analog and behaves similarly in the body
  • 2It is a good fat burner, known as a thermogenic fat burner, and can help with weightloss.
  • 3It can increase blood pressure and this can be a concern to those with heart problems

It’s clear that Synephrine, a chemical found in bitter orange or citrus aurantium, can help with weight management and does have some benefits.

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