Personalizing Food, Directed by Your DNA

Damage to your DNA is the cause of premature aging, degenerative diseases, and developmental diseases.   CSIRO scientists have identified nine micronutrients that are associated with DNA damage.   Supplementation of micronutrients can reduce DNA damage thus improving health.

Currently there are blood tests that can check the levels of the micronutrients: red cell folate, serum folate and Vitamin B12.   All of these micronutrients are essential for the body to replicate healthy DNA.

The hope is that in 20 years we will have the technology to determine from an individual’s night time sweat what nutrition your body is lacking.   And based on that information form a food and supplement plan that will meet each individual’s nutritional requirements.


Key Points:

  • 1Personalized nutrition will converge with 3D printing so that custom food will be generated based on measurements of physiological markers through biosensors.
  • 2Our scientists and engineers at CSIRO are working towards this future where food, nutraceuticals and other products will be personalized based on an individual’s genetic makeup.
  • 3The goal is not just to optimize nutrition for performance-oriented reasons, but to essentially hack the body to defy disease.

Logan’s research team will focus on instantly available diagnostics and how 3D printing or similar technologies can fabricate genetically targeted food to correct deficiencies.






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