This Seaweed Jelly Has Just As Much Calcium As Milk

It seems as though cow’s milk is getting less and less popular across Australia and most likely in other parts of the developed world. The main issues that are causing the brush off with cow’s milk is health issues. Although cow’s milk is rich in important nutrients like Calcium, it is also very high in sugar, calories and fat. In addition, it seems that there is a trend where more and more people are discovering that they are lactose intolerant and cannot consume dairy products. While this isn’t necessarily the worst thing, it does pose an issue. These people are now lacking in calcium. In fact, it has been found that nearly 73% of females fail to reach their daily calcium goals. However, there appears to be good news for these people that cannot or prefer not to consume dairy. That good news comes in the form of brown seaweed. The Flinders University Centre for Marine Bioproducts Development and CSIRO Health & Biosecurity are now working together to bring this plentiful resource to market. They have found that brown seaweed is rich in calcium and their first goal was to design a drink using brown seaweed that would be a good alternative to cow’s milk without sacrificing the important nutrients like calcium. However, they ended up creating Calci-Boom which is a calcium rich jelly made with the brown seaweed. The main reason why they decided to develop the jelly over the drink is because they ended finding that it would make more sense to target the young market that adults shop for.

Key Points:

  • 1Milk alternatives, like soy and almonds have less fat, but are also less calcium, than conventional cow’s milk.
  • 2Statistics suggest that nearly five percent of Australian adults are lactose intolerant and nearly seventy-five percent of Australian women consume a sub-optimal amount of calcium.
  • 3Australians, not getting optimal nutrition from milk sources, might soon try Calci-Boom, a range of low sugar, high calcium jellies, made from seaweed.

But an unlikely nutritional hero has stepped up to the plate — brown seaweed.

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