The Gray State of Health: Signs of Suboptimal Health Condition

The Gray State of Health: Signs of Suboptimal Health Condition

We often go to the hospital every time we can’t endure an uncomfortable feeling, like cold or cough. However, usually, doctors don’t provide a believable diagnosis, saying that: ‘you are just stressed; just rest.’ This is because modern medicine only determines diseases by the presence of specific pathogens—biological, infectious agents that cause illness to its host.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), however, assesses one’s overall state. It believes that these ‘lenient’ signs lead to a body imbalance that hasn’t develop into an illness or disease, yet. This state is called the suboptimal health status (SHS). Should you pay attention to this condition? What are the signs of it? How to deal with it? Let’s figure it out here.

What is suboptimal health status (SHS)?

Suboptimal health status, which also referred to as sub-health or subhealth,  is nicknamed as the ‘new killer of the 21st Century’ by a few medical practitioners. Also, the World Health Organization described this condition as the ‘gray state of health.’

This gray state of health or subhealth occurs when every tested chemical and physical index is found negative by advanced medical equipment, but the person tested has remained unease or even in pain.

Considering that a person’s health condition is an ongoing, changing process; this process starts from being healthy, sub-healthy, and end up unhealthy. Hence, theoretically, subhealth is between health and illness.

When your body is in a sub-health status, your organs will undergo degrading and aging processes. Slowly, your body will deteriorate. You will have immunity breakdown and will be prone to sore throat, low-fever, fatigue, hormonal imbalance like irregular menstruation, concentration and memory loss, and other illnesses, which will become worse if neglected.

Have you been experiencing ‘mild’ symptoms such as insomnia, irritability, cold, constipation, frequent urination, or hair loss? Then, you’re in a sub-health condition. Modern medicine will typically prescribe you with antibiotics. On the other hand, the following is what TCM says.

Note: When discussing the TCM system, we capitalize on the first letters of each body organ as we’re talking about an organ’s functional system, rather than the organ itself.


Sleeping difficulties are mainly caused by Heart Fire. According to TCM’s philosophy, Fire is considered the most yang energy. If energy is disrupted and Fire cannot flow properly, Fire will cause excess heat that may disturb one’s body and mind, resulting in what we call as inflammation.

Resentment, anger, fru