Why Watermelon Is Good For You

In this masterfully-written piece, Barbara Quinn uses her wordsmith skills to explain some of the benefits of eating watermelon. We may consider the fruit to be a summertime snack, but Quinn explains that there is much more going on with this red delicious fruit than a tasty treat. Perhaps the biggest benefit, and the first to mention, is the food displacement factor. Watermelon is, well, mostly water. There are very few calories per serving. So, if we fill up on watermelon, there is no room for foods that are less good for us. Further, the watermelon we eat is full of vitamins and healthy nutrients. Having these nutrients will make us less hungry for other foods. Finally, since watermelon is mostly water, it meets our daily requirements for fluid intakes. Just drink the watermelon juice! The seeds are ok to eat too! It is like a food an drink in one. Grown by mother nature, watermelons come in their own containers and can be easily sliced or cut up into servings. Or just cut it in half and eat the whole thing says Quinn. Either way you slice it, watermelon is a winner at the kitchen table or at the picnic table.

Key Points:

  • 1Watermelon contains healthy doses of Vitamin A and Vitamin C and much less potassium than other fruits.
  • 2Vitamin A and C are nutrients that strengthen our immune system and makes our skin glow.
  • 3Watermelons are cheaper and more plentiful when they are in season.

In fact, 92 percent of this fruit is water, making it also low in calories.

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Rezene Tekeste
2. September 2017
Rezene Tekeste
2. September 2017
I am really amazed with the nutritious value of watermelon. Thanks for the information you provided here. Thus, I will keep on waiting other health information later on. Moreover, I kindly request you to search and find for me a scholarship in nutrition. I thank you ahead for your cooperation.


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