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I don’t care who you are.  Pregnancy weight is the hardest to lose in my opinion.  You get the initial weight drop after delivery and with your uterus shrinking.  Then you get teased by the rest of the water weight leaving you the next couple weeks.  Then BAM! You plateau.  Then there is no more weight being lost.  Then the struggle of the postpartum weight loss starts.  

I am now twelve weeks postpartum.  During pregnancy I gained thirty pounds.  I have lost about seventeen of those pounds already from just daily life, my uterus shrinking and just not packing on the calories as much as I did while pregnant.  When I got to about six weeks postpartum I tried working out, including walking around my neighborhood and some work out videos at home.  With the scary and sad realization that my pelvis could not take it.  After a visit to the doctor I was diagnosed with a slight case of uterine prolapse, and then trauma to my pelvis.  Yes trauma to my pelvis sounds funny, but I delivered an eleven pound baby naturally so needless to say there was some trauma that went into that.  She told me no more extreme exercises and no more walks over thirty minutes until my pelvis healed. 

Well I was not close enough to my pre-pregnancy weight to be able to fit back into my regular clothes.  And I don’t know about other pregnant women but I am so sick of maternity clothes I could probably burn them in my fireplace.  This weight needs to go away!  At this point I have no idea what I am going to do.  

I have been using Purium for close to two years now.  I started with trying the 10 day program at first.  This was a way to lose weight fast and boy it works.  So I know the products are good and effective.  After the ten day program, I thought never again can I handle that, because it is a hard one to do, I started using some of Purium’s other products. 

I use most frequently the Can’t Beet This powder.  It is an all natural energy boost.  It is wonderful and tastes absolutely delicious.  I definitely increased my intake of the Can’t Beet This even since after birthing my little one.  When I feel sluggish in the morning after being up through the night I drink a glass of this and feel hugely more awake.  It is a blessing since I am not a huge coffee or caffeine drinker. 

Another Purium product that my whole family uses is the Aloe Digest powder.  My ten year old will even drink this one.  It is citrus flavored and helps with stomach pains, or if your stomach is upset it’s a miracle worker.  So needless to say I am a Purium believer.  The products are made from all natural items so they are healthy and I have seen results from all the products I have used. 

With all that being said, I have ordered the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation.  I am excited to see how it will help me with my post pregnancy weight loss.  I would like to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight, if not even less.  I have noticed postpartum that the amount of food I would like to eat has increased from before pregnancy.  Which makes sense, since during pregnancy you consume so much more than normal to feed your baby as well.  I am hoping that the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation will help curb my appetite, and fill me up more per meal.  During pregnancy I was drinking water like I lived in a desert and never could get enough, since having my baby I have gotten away from this.  I am hoping that this program helps get me structured back to drinking the right amount of water I need daily.  I am hoping this isn’t too hard.  I do still have to cook food for my family during the day.  So seeing their delicious breakfasts, and lunches may be hard.  On the other hand it may not be.  Time will tell. 

I am excited to embark on this post pregnancy experience with Purium to see how it helps get me back to my pre-pregnancy self.  

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