Amy’s Purium Experience – Day 10

Amy’s Purium Experience – Day 10

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I’ve made it to day 10! I am still alive and feeling good.  Parts of this are harder than I imagined and others not so much.  I am pleased with my progress, though we will talk about that in a bit.  So let’s get to the stuff. 

The Vanilla Chai power shake is delicious.  It tastes to me like Christmas.  I have never had anything Chai flavored at all in my life, so it could very well taste like Chai tea, or a Chai latte and I really have no idea.  But I do truly love that shake. It is definitely my favorite.  The original shake doesn’t taste bad.  I don’t really know how to describe it or what flavor it is actually supposed to be, but it just doesn’t have the extra bit of flavor the Vanilla Chai does which I kind of need in my shakes.  My plan was to start out alternating the flavors so I didn’t get overly sick of one straight off.  I found though I was struggling to finish my original flavored shakes just because they didn’t taste like anything special.  So I have mostly been drinking the Vanilla Chai shake for every one of my replacement meals. 

Let me quickly talk about the amount of pills you have to swallow on a daily basis.  You take 5- Super Amino 23 pills, and 2 Biome Medic pills every time you drink a shake.  Now I am a great pill taker.  I can swallow the giant horse pills no problem.  The pill taking part is not the problem.  The amount of them is what is killer.  The Super Amino 23 pills are super chalky so I sit down at the table and one by one pop those in to take, but boy if I don’t get them down the first go it’s tough.  The 2 Biome Medic are encapsulated so they are super easy to take thank goodness.  

I drink a shake for breakfast, and lunch.  I did try a shake once for dinner and it was so much liquid between that and the Apotho Cherry that I was up going to the bathroom so much during the night.  After that experience I try my hardest to drink the shakes for breakfast and lunch.  Then I eat my dinner.  I really feared the first couple of days that I would just almost binge eat during my dinner time to make up for the food I had missed.  I don’t know what it is, but you almost can’t.  After just a nice normal portion I felt completely full.  Usually after dinner my family all has a dessert snack, such as ice cream, or a cookie.  I had told myself that I was going to stay away from the sugary snacks completely even as a treat.  If I needed a snack I was going to stick to the cheat meal options that are suggested by Purium.  Those snacks would be celery, cucumber, handful of berries, or an apple.  I have found though in the last ten days that I haven’t even felt the urge or need for a sugary snack.  I am so full after dinner that I haven’t needed anything. 

Truth time.  I want to be completely honest in this journey that I am taking.  Days six and seven I had to eat more than just my one meal.  This is partly because my three month old baby decided he didn’t like sleep anymore.  I was getting around four hours of sleep during the night of those two days.  My body was craving food.  Not a drink.  Food.  It needed the energy to keep me awake.  I think I could have stayed on track had I been able to take a nap when the baby napped.  I have a ten year old daughter though, who was finishing her last week of school at home which just didn’t really allow me to be able to take a nap.  Those two days I had a bowl of cereal in the morning.  I so badly wanted the Coco Puffs that are in our pantry, but instead I ate some Special K cereal.  Still delicious.  I then proceeded to have a shake for lunch.  Then a dinner like normal.  My body when I am just exhausted makes me want to eat constantly, I want to snack, I want to be doing something.  Yes, the shakes would have provided the nutrition that I need and probably the energy to sustain myself through the day.  But I just listened to my body those two days and ate an extra meal because I knew my body felt like it needed it.  

Day 8, 9, and 10 though I finished strong and got back on track to finish up my 10 days for my measurements. As I mentioned in my Unboxing article, the program comes with a See It. Feel It. Track It. tracker.  The morning of day 10 there is another column for you to fill out your progress.  


This is what how I measured myself on Day 0 versus Day 10 


Day 0                                            Day 10

Energy – 7 Energy- 7
Digestion – 10 Digestion- 10
Mood- 7 Mood- 8
Skin- 6 Skin- 8
Sleep- 7 Sleep -6  Will explain this down below


As you can see from Day 0 almost everything has improved.  I really took my time filling this out because I didn’t want to just put numbers down that weren’t true.  My energy and sleep have kind of stayed the same, my sleep has decreased, but neither of these are due to the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation.  This is more due to the fact I have a three month old who regressed dramatically in his sleeping the week I started this program.  My digestion has stayed on point thanks to the Biome Medic pills you take with every shake.  My skin has never been more clear.  I have previously suffered from horrible acne, and some hormonal acne I haven’t had a single pimple in these ten days.  Whether it is the majority of clean eating I am getting from the shakes, or the Apothe Cherry which is supposed to beautify your skin, either way I will take it.  I have never had such smooth skin unless I was pregnant.  I put my mood up by one number just because I really thought this would be harder, but I feel like it is extremely manageable.  


Day 0                                                                                         Day 10

Weight- 152.2 pounds Weight- 148.2
Mid Upper Arm- 9.5in Mid Upper Arm- 9.5in
Waist- Belly Button- 38in Waist- Belly Button- 37in
Hips- 37in Hips- 37in
Mid Thigh- 18.5in  Mid Thigh- 18in


I LOST 4 POUNDS! Yay! The first few days I would hop on