Why You Shouldn’t Delay Going To A Drug Rehab Facility

Why You Shouldn’t Delay Going To A Drug Rehab Facility

Many substance users who are on a waiting list frequently mention that delay in treatment is a barrier towards sobriety. According to a study, understanding how substance abusers react to waiting time can lead to effective services in encouraging treatment compliance.

In this post, you’ll learn the important reasons why you should seek drug rehabilitation immediately and avoid delays going to a drug rehab facility.


Increase Compliance

Achieve the best benefits of drug rehabilitation by entering a trusted and reliable drug rehab facility. It’s vital for substance users to enter a treatment facility in the first place. However, delays, like being on a waiting period, are one of the barriers for people who are seeking treatment. The longer a substance user has to wait to be admitted to a drug rehab facility, the higher the non-compliance with the treatment.

That’s why the first 24 hours is a critical period after your initial phone contact with a drug rehab facility in initiating treatment. It’s because the substance user is usually in crisis when contacting a drug rehab facility. Also, there’s a possibility that you may have temporarily overcome external or internal barriers to treatment.

So if you’re thinking of getting professional help, contact a trusted and reputable drug rehab facility, such as Orange County drug rehab. It’s crucial to get a treatment appointment date and be reminded of your initial scheduled appointment to improve the rate at which you’ll begin treatment.


Avoids Second Thoughts

By prompt drug rehab treatment, substance users avoid having second thoughts. Waiting for prolonged periods or delays in therapy without receiving treatment causes negative impacts on a person’s willingness to get treated, including the following:


  • Decreased functioning
  • Increased in criminal justice involvement
  • Reduced motivation to undergo treatment


Get Comprehensive Treatment

Referral services and a centralized assessment of drug rehab facilities accelerate treatment entry. It also ensures that substance abusers receive the appropriate treatment as a crucial part of a comprehensive treatment system.

Whether you want to overcome opiate addiction, heroin addiction, or any form of substance abuse, healthcare workers of a drug rehab facility can help you using effective acute intervention methods and long-term treatment plans.