Forget The Regular Spa: Try A Medical Spa

In recent years, we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of people who have become more aware of their health needs. From spending time at the gym, to eating a carefully prepared diet, to taking leisurely trips to spas, people are now more appreciative of the needs of the body to be nurtured and taken care of.

In fact, for other people, wellness is more of a lifestyle than just a means to improve their quality of life. But this increase in interest also creates an avenue where misinformation can be spread, and where trends increase in popularity without the science to prove the benefits of these techniques and approaches. Things like crash diets, untested supplements, and even weird approaches to hygiene are now a thing. (Remember Ed from 90-Day Fiancé and how he claims that putting mayo in your hair makes it smoother and silkier?)

For people who are skeptical about the value of spa treatments, how about giving a medical spa a shot? But first, we need to give you a complete picture of just what you’re getting yourself into. We can start with:


What Is A Medical Spa?


A medical spa is a type of spa that combines medical technology with traditional relaxation treatments to create a perfect blend of science and leisure. Medical spas take a holistic and long-term approach to improving the overall condition of your body. Medical spas tackle issues such as excess cellulite, skin pigmentation, wrinkles, laser therapy, and even hair growth. Some medical spas even offer teeth whitening and body sculpting services.

It is different from a day spa in the fact that day spas tend to focus on the relaxation of the mind, body, and wellbeing of a client. They are primarily designed to help clients escape the rigors of daily life by providing a relaxing environment to help them detach from reality, even for a little while. Day spas often specialize in massage therapy, hair styling, and skin care. These treatments, while beneficial to their clients, do not yield long-term benefits in the way that a medical spa does.


What About Staff Training?


Procedures in a medical spa are not performed by doctors, but rather, they are performed by staff members. The doctors supervise the procedures performed by staff members and they also provide consultations as needed. Each staff member undergoes medical training and licensing, and they are also covered by the company’s insurance policy.

In contrast to this, staff members of a day spa are not required to go through medical training since they provide cosmetic services and treatments. Staff members of a day spa are typically composed of a mix of licensed aestheticians, massage therapists, and nail technicians.


Who Is A Medical Spa Meant For?


Many people are not comfortable with the environment of a hospital. It is chaotic, crowded. Even doctors’ clinics present a stressful environment where check-ups sometimes feel like interrogations. This is obviously not conducive for healing.

On the other hand, a day spa, as relaxing and as welcoming as it may be, does not have the medical equipment or the trained staff to handle technical procedures that have long-term effects on a patient. Some might even go as far as to say that a day spa is at best, a welcome distraction to the rigors of daily life, a break in a streak of deadlines and dues.

A medical spa takes the best elements of both a traditional clinic and that of a day spa to create an environment that allows clients to receive medical wellness-oriented treatments while also providing a relaxing atmosphere in which these procedures are performed.

Medical spas are designed to help people heal in comfort, and they often provide a more luxurious experience than that of a typical clinic. This ultimately gives clients a more restful, more fulfilling experience as opposed to a traditional trip to the clinic. In fact, medical spas also provide relief from pre-diagnosed health conditions and they are able to address chronic conditions.

Medical spas have been around for about a decade at this point, but they enjoy an ever-increasing list of clients. This not only means that they are able to successfully cater to a particular client base, but they are also a potentially lucrative business model. Medical spas are no less than the perfect balance between science and comfort and they may very well be the future of the spa industry.



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