How to Not Flip Out When Tensions Run High

People are running out of patience. More and more, even the most composed individuals are experiencing high tension and frustration. Triggers ranging from the daily weather, to health crisis in the news, today’s tumultuous political and social climates, and even just the fast pace of our modern world are making people feel fearful, worried and anxious. This lead to high stress resulting from unsorted frustration or anger. To diffuse these feelings and and achieve emotional balance, it is important that we take a moment to reset our emotions by acknowledging, admitting, and naming the emotion we are feeling. Then, through focused breathing, try and relax.

Key Points:

  • 1Its important to be able to self regulate your patience and feelings when stressed.
  • 2Making sure you have emotional balance is important when it comes to stress.
  • 3It is perfectly okay to let yourself and others know what you are feeling anytime.

Taking a pause to identify what triggered our anger can actually help to slow down the emotional energy drain.

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