Sleep Problems May Be an Early Sign of Alzheimer’s Research Suggests, Alzheimer’s Society Comment

The Alzheimer’s Disease diagnoses has been around for ages. Many of you may know it as “Old Timer’s” disease. In a recent study, researches may have found an early sign to indicate the disease in elderly. With a small group of 101 who participated, it was shown that people 65 and over with poor quality of sleep compared to 65 and over people with good quality sleep could be at a higher risk. Even as healthy of a person can be, it could still be an early symptom of this disease. People who participated in this study who were 65 and over gave samples of their own spinal fluid. In the test results that were found showed many of them had more biological marker’s of higher risk to this disease. Even with this new evidence shown, it still remains unclear on how the relationship between the brain and Alzheimer’s. Moral of the story is that folks who are not getting enough sleep, need to get more sleep and keep the brain healthy! Feed your brain!

Key Points:

  • 1Sleep problems may be an indication of increased risk of Alzheimer’s.
  • 2There is still no conclusive evidence that sleep patterns effect the risk of Alzheimer’s.
  • 3If you are concerned that personal sleep problems increasing your risk of Alzheimer’s, consult a physician

Researchers found that people who reported worse sleep quality, more sleep problems and daytime sleepiness had more biological markers for Alzheimer’s disease in their spinal fluid than people who did not have sleep problems.

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