Traveling With Dementia: Tips for Family Caregivers

Travelling with dementia is a challenging endeavor. There are some tips for family caregivers that will aid in that journey. Travelling is very fun and it re- energizes your body. It can be a very good thing for people with dementia and their family, under the right conditions. There are some very important things that caregivers need to be aware of when they are travelling with someone that has dementia. The steps need to be followed in order to ensure the safety of the person who is suffering from dementia. The first and maybe most important step is to reach out to the doctor of the dementia patient and see if it is okay for them to travel. If they are still in the early stages of dementia, then travelling will be a very fun thing for them. As the patient progresses with the condition, travelling can be too much for the patient. You will want to travel somewhere that offers least anxiety for the person with dementia. The best thing is to stick with something that is familiar. Another step you need to take to ensure the safety of the person with dementia is to notify the airlines and hotels that you are travelling with a person that has issues with their memory.

Key Points:

  • 1Talk to the doctor of the person with dementia to find out if travel is safe.
  • 2Decide on travel destinations that offer comfort and is free from situations which could cause anxiety in a person suffering from dementia.
  • 3If a person with dementia can’t travel then consider day trips.

When deciding how and where to travel, make choices that offer the most comfort and least anxiety.

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