What the Experts Do to Promote Brain Health

What the Experts Do to Promote Brain Health

As people live longer, cognitive disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease are becoming more prevalent. While these cognitive diseases are not yet fully understood, medical researchers have a wealth of evidence showing that activity, both physical as well as mental, can have a beneficial effect in helping patients to stave off, or lesson, the cognitive decline.

Staying active, using your brain and body without letting either fall into consistent sedentary patterns, is one of the simplest ways for at-risk patients to stay health and keep their minds sharp.

Mental acuity can be bolstered by engaging in activities that require you to think.

Physical activity, however, can also be effective in boosting your mental prowess. Finding and engaging in physical exercise that pushes your body toward your limits helps keep your brain invested in staying plugged in. Varying both the type and intensity of the kinds of physical exercise or physical activity you participate in will also boost your brain health. Strength training, or intensive cardiovascular exercise will as well. Setting yourself an exercise schedule and not only sticking to it, but monitoring and recording your progress keeps your mind just as involved as your body. And even if your job keeps you tied down to a desk or limits your physical activity level, look for ways to move around and keep your body active.

Key Points:

  • 1To keep your brain healthy exercise as many days as you can -7 days being your goal.
  • 2Research shows that walking 20 minutes or more may help reduce your Alzheimer’s risk.
  • 3Implement High-Intensity Interval Training. The reason for such short workout intervals is because they are so intense that a person experiences breathlessness.

If you can have a conversation when you are exercising it’s probably not effective to burn body fat or having the best effect on brain health.

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