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Leaning Forward During Phone Use May Cause ‘Text Neck’

Recently, spine surgeons have been getting an increased number of patients complaining of upper back pain. This pain is most likely due to the improper posture adopted when using smartphones. The concern has become so widespread, that young patients who should not even have back and neck problems yet have been seen for alignment issues and disk hernias. No one knows what this will mean further down the road for young people who currently use phones all day. This constant holding of the neck at around 45 degrees or worse is resulting in necks that curve in the opposite direction of how they should. The spine suffers even more as the posture becomes more flexed due to the increased perceived weight of the head bearing down upon it.

To aid in avoiding this issue and preventing the need for future surgeries down the road, doctors suggest small changes like holding phones near eye level or using both hands and thumbs to create more symmetry for the spine. Additionally, spinal surgeons suggest that people constantly working on computers or tablets use a stand to elevate the screen to eye level. Other experts say that a more practical recommendation would be to take frequent breaks or strengthen the muscles with exercise and stretching. Many ideas are being suggested in an effort to tackle this widespread issue head on.

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Alzheimer’s Affects Twice as Many People as Estimated

Because it is believed that Alzheimer’s disease affects more people than estimated, new research is being implemented. Currently about 5.4 million suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, but the real number could be as high as 11 million. Reports from the Center of Disease Control shows an increase in the death rate of 50% over the last 15 years. These drastic findings has initiated a more thorough approach in research. One area of research involves Biomarkers, which indicates the presences of the disease before symptoms occur. Beta amyloid is a toxic protein or Biomarker that is present and builds overtime in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease. Through early detection, it is believed that Alzheimer’s disease can have less of a chance of developing, moreover, less of a morbidity rate. With this treat the disease before it starts approach, researchers plan to implement more studies involving individuals who are asymptomatic. Clinical trials will allow researchers the opportunity to find the root cause of Alzheimer’s disease, intervening early, using new therapies and hopefully finding a cure. Overtime, the goal of early detection and intervention, will lessen the number of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, allowing individuals to live a longer life enjoying their loved ones.

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4 Sneaky Tricks To Fight Sugar Cravings

Sugar cravings are caused by a serotonin that is produced by nerve cells that impacts your whole body. This is what many people call the happiness hormone that we all craze at some point or another. We can though, do somethings to decrease the sugar cravings. First, get enough sleep. Many people do not get ample amount of sleep each day. Without sleep, your brain responds differently to serotonin levels. Secondly, get moving! Regular exercise will increase your mood and reduce your desire to eat. Even if it is not but a half hour of walking, it will get your blood pumping to raise brain serotonin. Thirdly, eat better! Serotonin is found in our gut, not our brain so input good food that will increase this chemical. Good bacteria found in food will increase this process as well. Food such as nuts, salmon, cheese, and eggs are good sources of this. On top of that, make sure that you are putting good liquids in your body to help you feel better. Lastly, increase the amount of sunlight that you are around. Serotonin is release by your retina when introduced to sunlight. Therefore, it boosts your mood and your alertness. Serotonin affects more than just your mood; it affects your physical and metal wellbeing. As well, your emotional state will be higher and you will be able to say no to cravings. Allow your craving to become good food and sunlight. Get active and get enough rest as well to boost serotonin that can allow you to be a better you.

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LASIK For Every Age: 18-40

If you are in the age range of 18-40 years old and rely on glasses or contacts to improve your vision you may want to consider looking into Lasik. Making an investment in your eyesight through Lasik may seem costly, but the earlier you make the investment the longer you have to benefit from it. Lasik is a procedure that takes about 10-15 minutes per eye. Some people may even begin to notice improvement the same day, while others will notice improvement over several days. Taking care to wear protective eye wear during contact sports for the four weeks following Lasik will ensure your eyes are kept safe while you recover. Recovery also includes eliminating the use of hot tubs, swimming pools and whirlpools for three weeks. The earlier you get Lasik the longer you have to enjoy the benefits. It is great for you if you enjoy adventurous sports like skiing, swimming, or other active sports. Lasik eliminates the need for contacts, prescription sun-glasses and contact lenses. Imagine just waking up and not having to reach for your glasses to see clearly. Lasik is an elective procedure and you may be concerned about the cost and how to pay for it. This may be a greater concern for you if you are younger and have yet to save up for the procedure. You may want to take a look at the financing available at Eyecare 20/20. This financing option allows you to pay monthly payments instead of paying for the full cost all at once.

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Can You Tax People into Quitting Smoking?

With the long list of health problems caused by cigarette smoking, it appears people need a different push to quit. This time, the push is extreme taxes on every pack of cigarettes in California giving them the ninth spot on the list of highest taxes for pack of cigarettes. The goal to be achieved here would be to make each pack so expensive that smokers would have no choice but to quit. Research at the University of California, San Francisco estimates that the price hike will reduce the smoking prevalence over the course of the next five years from twelve percent to seven percent. In addition to the price hike, another measure being taken would be to reinvest some of the tax revenues into tobacco control programs. The amount of healthcare costs saved are staggering at a whopping one hundred and thirty eight billion. This is recorded before this tax hike when into effect. At first, to the low-income smokers, they will feel as though they are losing, but what they may not immediately realize is how much help they are actually receiving by regaining their health back. The group of teenagers that will not be able to purchase their own packs of cigarettes to become future smokers. The amount of money leaving the state for every cigarette purchased will now go back into the community leading to a boost in health, jobs, and overall well-being.

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Regular Sleep Makes for Happier College Students

In an age where so many of us are on the go, Science attempts to grasp the short term effects of this busy body lifestyle on the sleep of college students. Researchers at M.I.T, Funded by the United States National Institutes of Health have recently undertaken the task of understanding short term sleep irregularities in a study of more than 200 college students between the ages of 18-25.  After a month long trial, research subjects who kept sleep diaries it was found that sleep irregularities have a profound impact on the general well being of the subjects.

Well being of course equating to happiness, healthiness, and calmness during the week. The results serve to educate us on the effects of sleep irregularity.

A few of the research subjects who didn’t normally maintain a regular sleep schedule reported increases in their general feeling of well being after starting an appropriate sleep schedule. So many of us these days are ignorant of the cascading effects of a disturbed sleep schedule. The research study conducted has helped society to understand the negative effects and consequences on well being associated with sleep irregularities. Understanding a problem is the first step towards solving and treating it.

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Ten Benefits of Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil has great benefits for the human body when used regularly. Moisturizing skin is the most common use of Vitamin E Oil, used as a topical lotion, it can sooth the skin and make it look younger. Wound healing is another, there is not much research on this but wounds have been shown to heal faster. Skin cancer prevention, with vitamin E Oil, it has been shown to reduce the chances if applied along with a sunscreen. The soothing factor of Vitamin E Oil can also reduce itching that is caused by rashes or dry skin. It has been found to reduce the flaking of Eczema and Psoriasis when applied to the effected area. When the oil is applied to scars, the scars are greatly reduced and start to fade, this is also true for wrinkles. Vitamin E Oil is a sun screen as well, it can prevent sunburn when applied before being in the sun. Rubbing Vitamin E Oil around the nails, both finger and toes can promote nail health and keep the cuticles soft. Vitamin E Oil is easily found in health food stores, pharmacies and online. It is an affordable way to keep you skin healthy.

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This Bracelet May Help You Avoid Getting Sunburnt

Now that summer is here, people will be spending more time outside and that means more sun exposure. With more sun exposure comes the increased possibility of painful burns. Sun protection has become more advanced; however, burns are still common. There is even advice online about how to cover and hide sunburns with makeup, but ultimately the best option is not to get burnt at all.

A company called Netatmo has developed a bracelet called the June bracelet that aims to tell wearers when they’ve spent too much time in the sun. The bracelet is being sold at Bloomingdales, and according to the store’s website, the June measures the individual’s exposure to the sun and gives real time advice on UV protection. The bracelet connects to an app that gives users a variety of information about their sun exposure and the UV index and forecast. The wesbite indicates the bracelet is splashproof, but it does not specifically mention that it is waterproof.

The June bracelet cannot and should not replace sunscreen and other forms of sun protection; however, it can provide additional information about the exposure your skin has had to the sun and UV rays. Bloomingdales is selling the June online for $99.99.

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Mineral Water Can Be Calorie-Free Calcium Source

Mineral water enriched with Calcium can be a good alternative to dairy products to provide the daily recommended amount of calcium to anyone. Studies have shown that among five different ways to consume calcium: Three types of mineral water, milk, and a calcium supplement the body absorbs the calcium the same. With obesity being such a huge problem Calcium enriched mineral water can be a great calorie free alternative to milk and other high fat dairy products. The other minerals in the water do not seem to affect calcium absorption. In Germany it is recommended people consume 1000 mg of calcium in a day. That’s equivalent to three eight ounce glasses of milk or two liters of 500 mg mineral water in a day. In the U.S 1300 mg of calcium is advised for adults a day. It is widely known in Italy that mineral water can be a good option for daily calorie consumption. Dr. Maria Luisa Brandi of University of Florence in Italy confirmed this in a phone interview. Brandi and some other Italian doctors conducted their own study in 2004 with results positively favoring that calcium in mineral water was absorbed by the body just as well as milk.

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