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Everything You Need To Know About Private Health Insurance Hikes – Australia

Australia’s population is rapidly aging and the cost of healthcare is increasing. It’s costing providers more and, if approved by independent regulators, the additional cost is passed on to consumers.

When deciding whether to obtain private health insurance, you have to consider the expense and the perks. Having coverage means being able to choose your doctor, have a choice to be treated in a private or public hospital, and reduced waiting time in the queue.

Making an annual payment and paying by direct debit can result in discounts and will lock in the rate before it can increase. If you wait until you’re older than 31, you’ll end up paying the Lifetime Health Cover on your hospital policy–which can be up to 40%.

It’s important to research the policies you’re considering, keeping in mind that comparison websites don’t offer independent advice. The website has a database of all the policies available in Australia and offers free, unbiased information.

After choosing a policy, make sure to review it annually to ensure you’re getting a good value and you’ll be covered for the things you might need. With research, you may find that another provider can offer the same benefits at a lower price. Some insurers are also willing to honor any waiting periods you’ve already undergone. Since a health insurance policy isn’t a fixed contract, making a switch isn’t overly difficult.

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The 6 Types of Friends You Have As a First Time Mom

You may be wondering to yourself as a new expecting mom, what type of behavior should I expect from my friends? This phase in life can be very trying and you will need a lot of support. Those friends whom you thought were your closest, may become your least closest and those who were not close may become your best friends. It is important to remember that while they may not have every quality you are looking for during this time of need, you may find they have enough to offer to get you through.

There are six types of friends that may show up at this time: The Painfully Oblivious Friend, The Former Life Ghost, The Baby-Crazed Fan, The New Mom Confidant, The Finally! Friend, and the Kindred Spirit.

Each may offer you a much needed boost on one end or the other from being extremely out of the scene and only occasionally involved, to being up close and personal at every juncture to help you, to being just right in level of support. You may want to screen how you interact so as to ensure that you do not end up short-changing yourself by spending too much time with friends or not utilizing their help. It is important to have friends nonetheless while your going through your transition. They will be a valuable resource to getting you through it.

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Do You Know What Chemicals Are In Your Bath Bomb?

Bath bombs are a very soothing and immersed way to give yourself a very luxurious bath. They have been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years and have caught on to a lot of niches in spas because of the benefits to your skin and the feels of the bursting fizz that fills your tub as your relax. A bomb bath is has some ingredients that are not clear as they are listed as “fragrance” but the FDA does not require the company to break down what type of chemicals go into the fragrance so it could be anything. There has been recent research that have shown that there are toxic chemical in these fragrances and this could cause a major problem to others being exposed to the product. Now they have done a bit more research and have found that it may not be as great you suspect and it could actually cause some harm to individuals. has recently addressed this problem and launched an investigation. Their findings were surprising as the chemicals that product the bath could potentially be harmful to people being exposed and could cause further health concerns in the future. If you are looking for a nice bubble bath there are natural alternatives and recipes you can easily find to satisfy your need.

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A depressed girl

Healthy Sleep Tips For Women

As women we always feel as though we never get enough sleep. Either we are busy all day at work, with kids, or other various house errands. When we finally go to sleep either its limited by the hours or its just not very comfortable. We try to fix this by going to bed earlier, buying mattress pads or getting massages. However, these things never seem to have long lasting effects. This article provides a list of several healthy sleep tips for women and some are very surprising. The tips are things like warm bath or shower before will help the muscles to relax easier, making it easier to sleep. Also, limiting the noise in the bedroom is one of the best options because it can be very unsettling to try and go to bed with a bunch of background noise. As women we already do not sleep as easy as men do, because they can seem to sleep in almost any type of environment. The sleep poll conducted for this article, even stated that the majority of women experience unsettling sleep patterns at least a few nights a week. Women need to do things to sleep better because they do so much on an average day.

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Can Repetitive Ear Infections Cause Hearing Loss?

Loss of hearing can be a very scary experience, especially if it happens suddenly. Your hearing capacity is most commonly affected by advancing age, injuries or accidents, and stress caused by listening to loud noises. Infections, thankfully are not considered to be the leading cause of permanent hearing loss. But infections in the middle ear and inner ear can lead to a temporary hearing loss. And they are quite common, especially among children. Young kids suffer from ear infections more often than adults. Though often easily treated with medication, if you neglect it for too long, it may lead to serious complications including permanent hearing loss. Continue reading

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Connected Devices Help More Find a Healthier Norm

In today’s advanced technological period, we are connected everywhere. We can network electronically with ease. One of the most impactful effects that the technological revolution has had is on health. There are an abundance of health applications, and other health inspired websites and other entities. Therefore, we are better equipped, not only to just become healthier in general, but to track our health, as well as making life better for the older generation. We track health with a myriad of different devices. We can use websites to track our diets or become a member of a health focused social network. We also have fitness trackers, watches, and phones that can track our health, as well as our heartbeat and number of steps that we have taken, among a myriad of other informatics. Additionally, people are lowering their heart rates and blood pressure with the advent of new health inspired technology, which has been noted in depth an abundance of statistics. Lastly, the advancement of health technology has made it easier for our senior population, not only to track their health and diets, but to monitor possible dangerous illness that come with old age. It is important, when technology becomes more and more advanced, to utilize it in a way that benefits humanity, rather then destroying it.

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14 Must-Try Recovery Tools for When You’re Crazy Sore After a Workout

Good for you!  You have added an exercise component to your life in order to get healthy.  Is pain after your workouts slowing you down?  If you are dealing with post-workout soreness you may want to add some tools to your cool down routine to help you recover faster.

Foam Rollers provide deep tissue massage and increase blood flow to speed up recovery.  Roll after every workout. Your body will thank you.

Don’t forget your feet.  Your feet have more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments.  The Moji Foot Pro provides your feet with a cold massage.  Particularly helpful after a run or when you have spent all day on your feet.

Stretching Straps are an excellent way to push your stretches just that little bit farther.  Using these will help improve flexibility and range of motion. Use a stretching strap after a workout as part of your cool down.

Compression wraps and ice packs should be on hand in case you over do.  Don’t forget if you push yourself to far: RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevate).

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Girl sleeping in bed

How To Deal With Night Sweats

If you are experiencing night sweats, don’t fear! There are ways that you can accommodate this condition. There are many reasons that one may be experiencing night sweats. These reasons include but are not limited to the following: Menopause, Hormonal changes, Hyperthyroidism, Idiopathic hyperhidrosis, Hypoglycemia – Low Blood Sugar, Stress or Anxiety, Nightmares or Night Terrors, Infections or Illness, or Medications you may be taking. Being that there are so many reasons you could have night sweats, it’s important to discuss possible reasons with a DR to narrow the reasons down.

There are several ways to deal with these night sweats. First you should make sure you don’t wear heavy fabrics. Stick to lighter fabric like cotton, not only for your PJs but for your sheets as well. Alcohol can also increase the incidence of night sweats, so if night sweats are frequent you should avoid alcohol. Staying hydrated will help replace the liquid you lose when you sweat. Also trying to meditate and destress prior to bedtime will help as stress can increase night sweats. Perhaps one of the easiest and most obvious accommodations is to check your room temperature. Do you need to lower it? Is the air on or window open? All of the above are ways to accommodate living through night sweats.

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Green tea

Which Tea Is Actually The Healthiest?

While tea is a drink that has many health benefits, there are types of tea and different methods to brew it that can have a greater overall impact on health. These health benefits are the result of bioactive compounds that are released from the tea leaves while brewing.

All tea, except herbal and fruit tea are derived from the same plant, camellia sinensis. Green or black tea have certain traits that are more desirable depending on the situation. Green tea has more antioxidants and less caffeine, while black tea is best for the morning or mid-day boost of energy.

The benefit of a tea kettle on the stove top may only be aesthetic. Heating water in the microwave for brewing tea has been shown to be superior to maximize the health benefit of tea. A University study has shown that using microwave heated water results in a greater amount of bioactives released than when using a kettle.

Unlike many other products, with tea price doesn’t necessary correlate with the health benefits. Tea bags, which are less expensive than loose leaf have been shown to have greater health benefits. These benefits are the result of the size of the leafs in the bag and the presence of more stems.

There is still a debate whether or not adding milk to tea increases the amount of nutrients consumed. Some scientists think there is a benefit while others don’t think it matters.

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New Online Game Invites Public to Help Fight Alzheimer’s

Stall Catchers is a new game available online to the public and it’s being used to research Alzheimer’s disease. The game was developed by UC Berkley and other institutions as part of the EyesOnALZ, a citizen science project developed by the Human Computation Institute. Based on research that has shown capillary stalls in the brain can contribute to Alzheimer’s, players are asked to watch feed of capillaries in mouse brains and report when they observe a brain stall. This use of the general public to assist research has been done successfully before. Project Stardust@home was used by NASA with over 30,000 amateur scientists helping to identify seven particles of interstellar origin by viewing interstellar dust collected b NASA. Without the help of the public, the research observing stalls could take over a year when done in a lab. StallCatchers will be available to anyone who has a computer, laptop or cell phone. It’s will assist valuable research while giving the players satisfaction in doing important Alzheimer’s research.

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