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New Wearable Tech Could Boost Energy, Relieve Stress

Tools, like Fitbit, have reshaped the home health market, potentially leading the way for other developments. Well, now there’s a device that purports to elevate your mood. No more caffeinated beverages to motivate your spirits from sluggish to motivated. Called, Think, the triangular shaped device is designed to fit on the head and send electrical impulses to the nerves located in the neck and head region. An app allows users to set the stimulus rating to a relax, or to an energy boosting mode. Currently, Think is neither considered, or marketed as a wellness device, therefore it escapes FDA regulations for wellness products. Rather, Think is therefore considered an option for healthy people that want to relax and, or, boost their mood and energy. Think CEO, Goldwasser, responds to concerns that using technology inhibits users from learning to self-monitor, and thereby create their emotional states for themselves, by suggesting that Think is in fact a self-monitoring tool that can help individuals know how they feel as they shift moods and thereby learn to do it themselves over time. To that end, Think users are advised to keep use to about an hour a day, divided into small doses of about twenty minutes. Aimed at an affluent, in-the-know audience, Think sells for about three hundred dollars.

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The Grass Is Not Always Greener On The Other Side: 7 Things To Consider Before You Move To A New Job

Many people begin to think about making changes as the New Year approaches. The best months to look for a new job are said to be January and February. Read on to find out what things to consider when contemplating a job change. Thoughtful review of the benefits, opportunities for growth, and relationships are important aspects to reflect on prior to making a change. These considerations, along with many others are explored more in depth here. Find out if there is room to improve your satisfaction in your current job role or if it is time to try to move on. Don’t make a quick decision on such a crucial aspect of life that you may, in the end, find to be regrettable.

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Nutraceutical Company Discovers a Better Delivery System

Quicksilver Scientific has developed the newest technology in nutraceutical delivery systems. It uses pharmaceutical-grade liposomes to combine the power of intravenous therapy with the convenience of oral delivery. Quicksilver’s delivery system provides improved systemic and cellular absorption of nutrients. This is in contrast to typical vitamins and dietary supplements that are poorly absorbed into the gastrointestinal tract. Boasting unrivaled purity, Quicksilver’s Delivery Line of products is engineered at the same level as high-grade pharmaceuticals. Using purified natural phospholipids from sunflower and soy lecithin, Quicksilver’s Delivery System facilitates cellular absorption. This supports cellular membrane function and signaling through the entire body. Health practitioners are able to partner with Quicksilver Scientific to support their patient’s health.

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The Link Between Sleep Apnea and Teeth Grinding

Do you wake up in the morning with tight jaw muscles or sensitive teeth? If yes, you might be grinding or clenching your teeth in your sleep. This is a condition called bruxism. If bruxism goes untreated, it can lead to headaches, tooth decay, and difficult sleeping. There are a number of other health conditions linked to bruxism, including stress and teeth misalignment. However, probably the biggest risk factor of bruxism is a serious condition known as obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep apnea occurs during the night when an individual’s throat muscles relax, which blocks the airway and causes interrupted breathing. One in four teeth grinders, as well as men in general, are more likely to suffer from sleep apnea. Learning techniques to manage sleep apnea can help eliminate nocturnal teeth grinding. Losing weight, giving up smoking, and treating nasal allergies can all be beneficial. Your doctor may suggest a dental guard, which will protect the teeth from further damage due to grinding. For those with moderate to more severe sleep apnea, the use of a CPAP device is a common treatment method. This device uses air pressure to help keep the airway passages open, which can prevent both sleep apnea and snoring. According to some studies, patients with bruxism and sleep apnea that use a CPAP machine often experience significant improvement in their breathing complications and teeth grinding.

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Can We Finally Stop Asking Women About When They’re Going to Have Kids?

It can be guaranteed, that almost every married woman has been asked the question, ” When are you going to have kids”. It can also be almost guaranteed, that the times have changed and having children is not on the top of the list for some married woman. It can also be a touchy subject at that. Infertility is a more common issue in the past decade, so asking a woman who might have fertility issues could be bad manners. Woman are more than ready to tackle the world of business along with the world of motherhood, but every woman is different. The next time you are with a group of friends, don’t be so anxious to ask the big question, read why, and how to go about asking.

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Top Tips for Dementia Caregiving

This can be challenging during the holidays when parties go late, but try to keep your loved one on a similar routine so that holiday preparations do not become disruptive. Decorating cookies, hanging decorations, setting the table, and even wrapping gifts are some examples of things people with dementia can do to help celebrate the holidays. The holidays can be a tough time for caregivers and people who are in the early stages of dementia. The rate of depression increases during and after the holidays so if you or your loved ones experience any signs of depression, contact a health care professional. Singing Christmas carols, eating holiday foods, or lighting a menorah can help a loved one with dementia connect to holiday celebrations.

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What is Belly Fat and How Can You Shift It?

No one likes that stubborn bulge that we all know as belly fat. Is there anything we can do to get red of it is the age old question. Belly fat also known as visceral or intraperitoneal can be really stubborn and not go away easy. Visceral fat accumulates slowly and over time and is even slower to leave. So another way scientist have realized is to try and shift that fat. You can do this by eating healthy and exercising. It is not a quick fix an will take time, endurance, and confidence that you can do it. Having a great support system is always helpful when trying to make a lifestyle change. It is not something that you will see melt away over night but stay strong and you will notice the results in the way you feel and look. Its all about being healthy and taking good care of your body for it is the only one you have.

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Yo-Yo Dieting May Be Dangerous for All Sizes & Shapes

The cycle of trying to lose weight is a touch and go subject because some days you could lose two pounds, and then some days not lose any weight. Weight cycling could be dangerous for your heart if are not careful. The hard part is not losing the weight, but rather keeping the weight off. The advice I have is to eat healthy, check your blood pressure, and get active if you are serious about losing weight. Do not get discouraged if the weight loss is slow. I have personally tried to lose weight, I am in the normal weight range but I wanted to lose ten pounds, but I ended up gaining more weight back then what I lost. Keeping weight off is not easy. Keep working at it.

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Skeptics Turned Believers The Doctors Sound Off On Thync

The Doctors is a show anyone with interests in health topics should watch. It regularly debunks popular health myths. It also gives great information that can help you stay healthy. If you need to see evidence before you believe anything, and this would make you a skeptic, they can provide that and they do. The information they give is well researched and is backed up. They’re not just sitting around spouting off. This is not just their opinions here. That’s how it differs from other less reputable talk shows. Think of a health news show with personable hosts and that perfectly describes this show. I have personally learned a great deal from it and it has turned me into a believer on many topics.

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Ovulation Monitoring: Why Using Ovulation Predictor Kits Might Not Be Enough

By Amy Beckley PHD
Chief Executive Officer
MFB Fertility Inc.

A good way to increase your chances of conceiving a child is by monitoring ovulation. Ovulation is the process of a mature egg being released from your ovary.  The lifetime of an egg after ovulation is only 12-24 hours, possibly less. Therefore, pinpointing ovulation is essential to increasing your chances of achieving pregnancy. The process of ovulation involves a delicate balance between 3 main hormones. First, an increase in estrogen allows for the egg to mature within the follicle. Second, a surge in luteinizing hormone (or LH) ripens the eggs and allows for its release from follicle (Ovulation). Finally there is progesterone, a hormone released from the ovary after ovulation has occurred. This hormone prepares your uterus to receive and nurture the fertilized egg. Continue reading