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pre-workout supplements

Guide to Pre-Workout Supplements

Have you ever noticed how some workouts come easier than others? Like most people, there are probably times when you’re on fire with your training and times when you can barely make it through a session. Random though it may seem, this phenomenon has a lot to do with the nutrients that you ingest prior […]

Being overweight

Is Body Fat the Best Measure of Health?

Most people are familiar with the term “body fat,” usually associating it with obesity, heart disease, cholesterol levels and general unhealthiness. Despite negative implications when too much fat is carried on your body, some fat is required by the body for proper functioning, metabolic purposes and general health. The key to good health is in […]

Functional training

How Functional Training Can Improve Fitness

Functional training is all about exercises that use body movements from everyday activities. Movement patterns such as pushing, pulling, squatting, or bending are used during functional training. Normal gait patterns like walking and running are also included in some functional exercise routines. There are lots of reasons to include functional training in your fitness routine, […]


Nine Great Body Weight Exercises

No access to a gym? You might think that building muscle and getting a good workout without any heavy weights is impossible. In fact, exercises using only body weight are a good way to improve coordination, flexibility, and, of course, strength. Read on to discover the nine best body weight exercises — no machinery or […]


Control Your Metabolism to Control Your Life

The metabolism is a chemical reaction that breaks down the foods that you ingest into its most basic compounds and absorbs the appropriate nutrients to provide the energy you require for everyday tasks and to maintain proper health. When eating the right foods, in the proper amounts, the body will metabolize your excess body fat […]

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