4 Ways to Make a City More Walkable | Jeff Speck

Walking around a city is a great way to experience it because you’re able to get up close and personal with what’s around you. There aren’t pains of glass in the way the way there are when you drive. You can touch things if you want to. You can talk to people. It’s just an over all friendlier way to go. It’s also better for the environment and cheaper. Those are not perks to be overlooked. This gives four ways to make a city more friendly for walkers. This is important because if a city is hostile to them people will just drive. They’ll feel obligated to. They’ll be missing out on a lot that way. It can even hurt tourism. Some people want to walk during their vacations so they can save money and better see the sights so they’re less likely to go to a city where that’s not doable. A city can lose tourist generated income just by not being friendly to people who want to walk.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1The norm in cities is for the setup to encourage driving over walking.
  • 2To encourage people to walk more, that is make a city walk-able various issues must be addressed.
  • 3People will walk if there is a goal, or rationale, to walk and the process is safe, comfortable and interesting, all of which requires careful planning.

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