PowerVibe Initial Impressions

PowerVibe Initial Impressions

We are getting ready for the PowerVibe challenge her in our office.  We have two of the PowerVibe units, the PowereVibe Pro II and the PowerVibe Motion I.  I want to cover the machines briefly, talk about the setup of the units and a general impression of the units.

The units came shipped to us in one box for each unit.   These are pretty big boxes and we had to use a small pickup to get them to our offices.  A large hatchback or most SUV’s would be able to transport them if you bought through a local retailer.

Setup for both units was very straight forward.  To be honest, I didn’t even look at the instructions and had each unit put together in about 15 minutes, once I did look at the instructions they were very clear, but there are a grand total of about 4 to 5 pieces that bolt together with about a dozen bolts and screws.  The bases of the units are very heavy, so having someone to hold the box as you pull that out is helpful (or both of you grab an end).  Once the units are assembled they have wheels where you can tilt the unit and roll it.  These wheels are small, so they probably won’t do very good on deep carpet.  No special power requirements, just a standard three prong plug.

Both units had a big poster of exercises (same poster for both units) and a DVD showing typical exercises for the units.  The control panels are very simple, start, stop, speed up, speed down and a program button for pre-programmed speed changes.

The PowerVibe Pro II is bigger than the Motion I unit,  but not by a lot, their foot print is about the same as an executive office desk chair.  If you had this unit at home it would not overwhelm the room like some treadmills do.  You do require some open space in front of the units so you can perform various exercises with the machine.  One of the basic positions is a push-up, where your hands are on the platform but your feet are on the floor of your room.  You need to make sure you have enough space for that kind of thing.

Two things we noticed when we turned the units on, they are very quite (as compared with a treadmill) and they didn’t shake the whole building.  We found both machines could be on, and the people using them could talk to each other easily.  Someone will come out of the exercise room and they will get asked “were you vibrating?”  When someone uses the treadmill in that same room, you don’t have to ask, everyone knows.  If you stand just a few feet away while someone is vibrating you don’t feel it in the floor.  Our building is wood frame construction, so vibrating the building was a concern.

Just about everyone that comes through the office we put on one of the machines.  If they get on the Motion I we have them try and touch their toes before getting on, after 10 minutes on the machine, they will typically be able to reach 3-4 inches further than when they got on.  Most people are surprised by how they feel when they get off the unit, no real common thread, but some are itchy, some feel warm, and some are tingley.

To read more about the capabilities of the machines go to the PowerVibe website product page:  http://www.powervibeusa.com/products/products


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