In today’s world there are many different practices in the medical field. One field that is increasing, the hair transplant industry, is not always safe nor do the doctors always meet the credentials to perform such surgeries. Not only are the “Dr’s” not meeting the credentials, but they are not always properly insured, which should be alarming to all patients. When considering any kind of surgery, it is crucial for you to take a critical look at the doctors, technicians and the facility to which you are going to.  Make sure all your questions are answered even if you forgot to ask at the consultation appointment.  A good facility with proper credentials will not be offended by your questions, because they have nothing to hide and want you to feel comfortable.  You must do your due diligence the industry is changing fast and someone may try and take advantage of you.

Key Points:

  • 1The practice of medicine carries with it the significant risk of potential for harm, anyone actually treating patients or performing surgery surely must be licensed.
  • 2The hair transplant industry cuts ethical corners. There is a new breed of hair transplant clinic/people who believe that the legal practice of medicine might be up for interpretation.
  • 3There are a lot of board certified plastic surgeons who are using the credentials as though being board certified in plastic surgery has anything to do with understanding hair transplants.

While the hair transplant industry is no stranger to “cutting ethical corners,” apparently there is a new breed of hair transplant clinic that believes that the legal practice of medicine might be up for interpretation

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