Lycopene Found to Influence Sperm Morphology

When a couple is trying to get pregnant, everything can go under the microscope. One possible reason for issues with conceiving can be low sperm count, as well as low sperm motility. Basically; fewer sperm, or those that are present in semen cannot move as well as might be expected. Either issue can significantly impact […]

Do You Know Your Egg Health I.Q.?

There’s a lot that goes into fertility. Simply not using birth control, and being enthusiastic under the covers, isn’t always enough to start the process of conception. And once a fertility problem is in the picture, that’s where the complexity comes in. Is it me, is it him, is it us? Before doctors are involved, […]

“Liver Loving” Foods with Big Fertility Benefits

The liver is a vital organ. Most of us think of the heart and lungs when we consider those organs necessary to life, but the liver is no less important. Like many things related to health, diet plays a central role in good results. And if you’re looking to improve your chances of conception, every […]

Top 5 Ways Vitex Boosts Fertility

Vitex is a herb that in the past had a history of being utilized for the suppression of sexual desire in women. Information gathered from clinical use suggests that Vitex is now useful in a number of functions related to fertility. Vitex has been found to aid women in a multitude of aspects related to […]

Video: Can Prenatal Vitamins Help You Get Pregnant?

When you want to get pregnant, you start considering any source of increased fertility. Vitamins are taken by many on a regular basis, but a new study out of Harvard Medical school shows an link between regular multivitamin use and increased likelihood of becoming pregnant. While multivitamins cannot be a replacement for actual real food, […]

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Here’s What IVF Companies Should Be Telling You About Bulk Billing

Fertility medicine is all about the percentages. Patients hoping to increase their chances of getting pregnant turn to fertility treatments, such as in vitro fertilization, because their natural odds have not been working out. Unfortunately, because fertility treatments only boost rather than guarantee chances of conception, many couple find themselves at the end of treatments […]

Fertility Health: The Link Between the Thyroid and Digestion

Thyroid issues and fertility problems are quite commonplace in the public health sphere, and it is well-known that the two are linked. It’s important to note, as well, that thyroid issues are interconnected with gut health, which also plays a key role in fertility. Healthy digestion in people with thyroid problems is an issue in […]

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Gut Health and the Microbiome Connection to Optimal Fertility

Gut health and microbiome have a connection to optimal fertility. Digestion plays a very big role in the health of mostly every body. Many people might be surprised to learn that seventy percent of your immune system cells reside in the gut wall. Gut health and also digestive health are very important for all couples […]

Video: Emotional Health – Let’s Talk About PMS

Vitex or Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex agnus-castus) — Clinical research has shown that Vitex may be very beneficial for PMS symptoms, especially depression, headaches, rashes, acne, allergies and sensitivity of the breasts; 900 — 1,000mg a day or as a liquid tincture at 60-90 drops a day. Vitex is best taken first thing in the […]

Study: Hormones Like Testosterone Impact Chances of Conception

While both men and women require androgens for healthy bodies, and women require far less than men, it still plays a vital role in women’s health. Specifically, the role of androgens, such as testosterone, may explain problems with pregnancy. While too much testosterone is a common problem with PCOS and can affect regular menstruation and […]