10 Day Transformation Program Explained

Sonia Magruder is a Purium evangelist, and I asked her to tell us about how she got going with Purium, the 10 Day Transformation program and the Core 4 Daily. Here is the video of that story.

I am a real estate broker, I did not have a background in health and wellness, I was a very busy business person with a full-time brokerage and also, I was a caregiver for my mom along with my husband. My mom was living with us at the time, she was elderly, had dementia and I was real stressed out. I had gained a lot of weight, had gained a lot of belly fat and was just feeling pretty bad, lack of energy, wasn’t sleeping through the night and I was really desperate to find something. Well, thank goodness a family member, one of my cousins who is a real health nut, kind of like Kristen, along those lines, was posting about these products on Facebook. I saw what he was posting, I knew if he was putting them in his body that he had totally vetted them and done his due diligence because that’s just how he is, and that these products had to be super clean and super effective.

So, my husband and I decided to go ahead and take the plunge with the 10-day transformation and had incredible results. Prior to that, I could not lose weight, I was menopausal, I had tried every program out there and I would diet for two weeks and maybe lose a half a pound. So I really got into it for weight loss, even though we had those other issues too. Well, in 10 days, I lost 9 pounds, my husband lost 11 pounds. I lost 2 inches around my stomach, that belly fat that was so stubborn just melted away in 10 days. My clothes got loose, I went down a jean size. And my husband, for the runners on here will love to hear this, my husband started running again after 27 years, he picked up running again and just felt so great that he ran… I think he’s run six half marathons and two full marathons. So it was the catalyst for so many great things that happened and our energy was off the charts, we were sleeping through the night and we just wanted to tell everybody about this.

I’ll show you what those products are and they start with three core products because we have two programs that a lot of people come in with, and one is called the Core 4 Daily, which is daily nutrition, hence the name. And the other is the 10-day transformation, which is an accelerated version of that and that’s what we did. So we did that four years ago and we’ve continued with the Core 4 Daily.

The 10 Day Transformation consists of is first thing in the morning are Super Amino 23. You take these in the morning, it is a clean vegan protein with 99% utilization which is unheard of with protein, that’s seriously incredible, 1% metabolic waste and then goes to your muscles in 23 minutes or less. So these actually help you build muscle even when you’re not working out. And by taking these three times a day, you are actually turning your body into a fat burning machine because your muscles are being protected, your body needs the energy from somewhere and it’s forced to burn your fat which is where the toxins are stored. At the same time you’re getting this great detoxification benefit. So you have these first thing in the morning and then two hours later, you will have our wonderful Green Super Food Power Shake, this is full of nutrient dense foods, it’s in a delicious apple berry flavor, it tastes amazing. And you’ll have this three times a day, it is live food, it’s dehydrated at low temperatures and all the enzymes and all the nutrients are intact. So you’re getting fed on the cellular level, you’re getting lots and lots of nutrients that you’re just flooding your body with. And then there’s two other products that I don’t have here to show you, but one is called Super Lytes and Purium has really thought of everything with this program because what that does is it actually helps you with electrolyte balance, your minerals and with hydration.

And then the other one is our Daily Fiber Blend, it is awesome, it’s in a caramel apple flavor, it’s delicious, it tastes like an oatmeal cookie, you can mix it with almond milk or water and this helps just flush those toxins out. It’s very, very gentle so you don’t have to worry, you will not have a laxative effect with this. And then at night, this is the treat, this is our Apothe-Cherry. I call it our antioxidant tonic. One ounce of this is equivalent to the antioxidant value of 10 servings of fruits and vegetables. It also is the only plant, the tart cherry, Montmorency cherry that naturally has melatonin in it, which helps you get really deep restful restorative sleep. So that’s what you do for 10 days, and a lot of people ask, “Well, can I eat anything besides that?” I mean, this is food, you will be nourished. Trust me, you will not be hungry but you also get to eat pretty good amount of food, you get to have three fruits or veggies throughout the day, they’re called flex foods and you can have unlimited cucumber and celery too.

Every two hours, you’re putting something really nutrient dense in your body, either the aminos or the shake and then you’re also getting your flex foods and you’re having your tart cherry at night, plus your fiber and your Super Lytes, it’s awesome. It’s very much a turnkey system, very easy to follow. If we could do it, anyone can do it. And then you want to continue with the Core 4 Daily, and that’s the three core products of the 10-day transformation. So that would be your aminos that I showed you, the Green Powershake and then the tart cherry juice at night, that is a great basic fundamental daily program that you can do. If you put that on a monthly order, it costs you $5 a day, which is incredible. I mean, we spend that mindlessly, I know I do, a lot of people spend that on a gourmet coffee daily without even thinking about it and not really getting any nutrients from that.

With this, you can get tons and tons of nutrients. And it’s super convenient. Put in your shaker bottle, put some cold water in there and you’re set to go. No cleaning out of a juicer, sprouting, dealing with all of that kind of stuff. So it’s not just healthy, it’s also convenient. It fulfills that need or solves that problem of us always being on the go and rushing. I know, I used to go through drive-thrus and we don’t have to do that anymore because we have this. So, that’s pretty much the program.

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HealthStatus has been operating since 1998 providing the best interactive health tools on the Internet, millions of visitors have used our health risk assessment, body fat and calories burned calculators.The HealthStatus editorial team has continued that commitment to excellence by providing our visitors with easy to understand high quality health content for many years.
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HealthStatus has been operating since 1998 providing the best interactive health tools on the Internet, millions of visitors have used our health risk assessment, body fat and calories burned calculators. The HealthStatus editorial team has continued that commitment to excellence by providing our visitors with easy to understand high quality health content for many years.

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