Eight Tips For When Mom or Dad Has an Extreme Reaction

Eight Tips For When Mom or Dad Has an Extreme Reaction

When your mom or dad has a catastrophic reaction to events or becomes uncharacteristically upset or excited, it can be unnerving. You are not sure what to do or how to handle this new behaviour.

Sometimes the cause is obvious. They are in discomfort or pain and they lash out. Other times their reduced language abilities cause frustration or anger and they are overwhelmed with emotion. Whatever the cause, it can flood you with emotions as well, and not usually good ones.

In this post, I’m going to give you eight tips that can help you reduce uncharacteristic or extremely emotional behaviour.


Tip #1 – Create Security

Emotional outbursts may have an underlying catalyst of fear and lack of security. Your mom or dad may be very anxious. They may fear being abandoned. You will need to reassure them verbally that they will be okay and that they will be taken care of. Emotional reassurance is important and can go a long way to reducing anxiety.


Tip #2 – Maintain Personal Belongings

It is inevitable that downsizing means that some personal belongings will not come with them when they move. This can be a source of grieving and bitterness. Invite them to be a part of the process in choosing what goes with them and try and bring many personal items. Pictures, clocks, and special Knick knacks can make their new home feel like home. Having items up on the walls can create a sense of home without creating tripping hazards.

Surrounding them with their personal objects also helps visitors or staff know something about your mom or dad and gives them a point from which conversation can flow. This can enhance a sense of belonging to the place where they now live.


Tip #3 – Limit Stimuli

Sometimes emotional outbursts may be a reaction to feeling overwhelmed. Limit the number of stimuli in the environment. Taking your mom or dad to a busy shopping mall or grocery stor