Introduction to Cognitive Impairment

Introduction to Cognitive Impairment

Alzheimer’s Disease is a condition that impairs mental cognition, leaving those afflicted with it increasingly unable to accomplish even the most basic and routine tasks. While Alzheimer’s Disease usually starts at a mild stage, as the disease progresses it will get more and more noticeable. Stage One Alzheimer’s when when the disease exists, but is in a very mild form. Most Stage One patients escape diagnosis due to a lack of discernible symptoms. At Stage One, the abnormal amyloid protein deposits are present on neural tissue, and will start to impair brain function.

At Stage Two, memory and thinking issues begin to manifest. Patients, their doctor, or close friends and family, may start to become aware of impairment. Confusion over formerly routine and simple tasks can crop up, and familiar environments can turn strange and foreign. An inability to retain information, make sound and rational decisions, and keep track of objects and people often occurs during Stage Two.

When the disease progresses to Stage Three, dementia begins to set in. The cognitive impairment of Stage Three worsens in numerous ways. Patients can lose the ability to function without assistance, and can become a hazard to themselves or others due to the neurological problems. In severe cases, the ability to effectively communicate can even be affected.

Key Points:

  • 1Alzheimer’s disease takes time to develop, often 20-30 years before full symptoms are shown in the patient.
  • 2Stage two is where memory loss starts to occur, even in regular activities like directions to work.
  • 3While the decay will still happen, there are steps that can be taken like socialization and allowing the patient to interact with others.

Activities such as daily socialization, joining clubs, reading and a regular workout routine have been found to slow down the rate of cognitive decline and possibly help protect against Alzheimer’s disease.

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