Month: October 2016

Is Gaining the Support of Your Partner Possible With PCOS?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a disease that can prove devastating. Though going through the illness on your own is certainly difficult, going through it with a partner who just does not understand the condition or support your efforts to control it can be much worse. The stress that any health condition puts on a […]

Focus on the Process Not the Result (5 Steps to Greatness – Part 4)

The journey is more important than the destination. This is the basic principal of the fourth step of The Five Steps to Greatness. The path to true success begins with learning to tell the difference between what you don’t (and do!) have control over in your life or business. You can maximize your time and […]

Cryotherapy Can Burn 800 Calories in THREE Minutes in Temperatures of MINUS 140 Degrees

Weight loss and maintaining an ideal body weight is a very big part of the modern culture. The weight loss industry is a mega money making industry with several products out there to help the consumer. Options include fad diets, hard core exercises, surgery, and now new one is coming on scene. Now, CryoFitness is […]

The Paradox of Dementia: Changes in Assimilation After Receiving a Diagnosis of Dementia

A recent study was conducted on how people assimilated to life after being diagnosed with dementia. Six individuals were interviewed and they shared their difficulties and struggles in life, comparing life before and after the diagnosis. Their accounts of life and memory problems were analyzed using the verbal Markers of Assimilation of Problematic Voices Scale. […]

4 Reasons to Learn a New Language | John McWhorter

Why should you learn a foreign language? There are several reason to learn a foreign language. Language channels your thoughts.  John McWhorter states that world views can be shaped by language. If you want to learn and experience a culture understanding the language is invaluable.  If you speak two language you will be a better […]

Juice is Not Natural

Most people think of juice as being a healthy alternative to sugary colas. However, if you compare Tropicana orange juice to Coke and Pepsi, the orange juice has more added sugar than the others. Additionally, any juice that is “not from concentrate” is actually stored in aseptic storage tanks to ensure a year-round supply. In […]

Acne and Makeup: What You Should Know

It can be tempting to cover your skin with makeup if you’re prone to acne and breakouts, but what kind of makeup is best for your skin and what kind will only cause more problems? Many kinds of makeup have ingredients that can make acne and blackheads worse, not better, causing even more skin problems. […]

Major on the Minors (5 Steps to Greatness – Part 3)

In part three on the 5 Steps To Greatness series, Major In the Minors. The narrator discusses how the little details of things can affect your overall performance. He gives an example of how grown foxes (big things) like to eat grapes in vineyards, but, being that they’re tall, they just eat the grapes and […]

Midlife Physical Activity is Associated with Better Cognition in Old Age

The article speaks about a longitudinal study that followed 3050 twins in Finland over a span of 25 years. The premise of the study was to examine the impact of vigorous exercises had on the cognitive health of older people. According to the article, significant results exist from the study that suggest that exercises more […]

Investing In Your Values, Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

Many investors are interested in Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) policies. An SRI precludes investment in companies that produce harmful products such as tobacco or arms or in companies with harmful practices such as child labor infractions. As recently as a few years ago, such policies were expensive and limited investment opportunities. Today there are a […]