Month: November 2019

How Sleep Is Different for Men and Women

The sleep and wake cycles for men and women vary for a number of reasons including: sex, sleep deprivation, and a trend for differences due to gender. The sleep wake cycle is governed by the hypothalamus, the circadian rhythm. This affects the body differently in men and women. In men, the cycle makes men more […]

Infant Jaundice Common & Treatable

The Weird & Wonderful Ways Women Are Getting Rid Of Period Pain

Period pain and cramping affects many people during menstruation, and in the days leading up to it. For some, these aches and pains can be mild and merely uncomfortable; for others, they can be extremely painful, and even impact day-to-day life.

Top 10 Positive Health Effects Of Laughter

You might have often heard that laughter is the best medicine. But laughter can achieve much more than raising our spirits for just a few minutes. In fact, there are several health benefits associated with laughter. Laughter affects our body in more ways than we can imagine. Feelings of joy and euphoria are created as […]

Hormone Trifecta Day 2: Heal Weight Gain

It’s so great to be here with you on Day Two of the Hormone Trifecta Training. So we are…

The Health Challenges Facing Children in the Foster Care System

Foster care is a challenging environment, and it is taking in many children who are already burdened in a number of ways. And we’re just now starting to study and quantify how foster care affects the health of the children involved. In this piece, we’re going to take a closer at some of the health […]

Your Gut Affects More Than Just Digestion: Understanding Gut Health

What Compensation Can 100% Veterans Claim?

In America, if you have gotten sick or received an injury during your service to the military, or if your service has made an existing problem worse. You might be able to claim disability benefits. Depending on your disability score, you may be entitled to different levels of compensation. Click here to find out how […]

Bilberry Extract for Insulin Resistance

Bilberry extract is one of the amazing ingredients in RejuvaPlus. Though the name and characteristics of the…

The Many Causes of Hip Pain