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Hearing, Hearing Loss, and Hearing Aids

Which Hearing Aid Should You Choose?

The hearing aid that is right for you depends on the type and severity of your hearing loss. If you have issues in both of your ears, then you will probably need a binaural set- a hearing aid in each ear. Binaural hearing is advantageous to perceive sounds in a balanced way – which improves your hearing ability in challenging situations such as a noisy restaurant setting.

There is a wide range of prices for hearing aids. Just because a device is more expensive does not mean that it would better suit your needs.  Do your research online for best features and prices, or consult with a hearing professional.

New Types of Hearing Aids

-Implantable hearing aids

New implantable hearing aids are designed to help the transmission of sound vibrations entering the inner ear. A middle-ear implant is a small device that attaches to one of the bones of the middle ear. Instead of amplifying the sound, this type of device moves the bones themselves.

-Bone-anchored hearing aid

A bone-anchored hearing aid is a small device that connects to a bone behind the ear. This device transmits sound vibrations to the inner ear through the skull. Surgery is required to implant either of these types of devices.

-Self-programming hearing aids

Self-programming hearing aids that can be purchased online and programmed at home with remote professional support (telemedicine) is a new option that can save you time and money and works for the most common types of hearing loss that are not associated with a medical condition.

Financial Assistance for Hearing Aids

Although most health insurance plans do not cover hearing aids, some do. Medicaid will pay some of the costs involved for children and young adults.

Medicare does not cover the cost of hearing aids for adults. There are some nonprofit organizations that provide financial assistance for hearing aids. You should contact the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders Information Clearinghouse.

Your Sinuses and How Issues Can Affect Your Hearing

Are There Certain Foods to Eat?

Allergies can affect anyone from time to time, but if you have daily sinus pressure it can get in the way of your everyday activities. For people with chronic sinusitis, a symptom flare up can happen anywhere, anytime — especially on days that are high pollen count days or very dry. There are lots of medicines that can treat these but often times it’s great to start with your diet. Eating a diet that is designed to minimize your issue also boost your immune system and improve your skin health, all while fighting inflammation. A well-rounded diet decreases inflammation and fights bacteria often cause sinus infections. There are other foods that help to decongest passages and prevent inflammation.

Omega 3 fatty acids are ideal for reducing swelling and you get this by eating wild salmon, cod, or other Omega-rich fish. Tart cherries are known to reduce inflammation much better than ibuprofen and, aside from being yummy, can also reduce your risk for heart disease. Turmeric spice, found often in Thai and Indian food, has curcumin which actively combats swelling. Avocado, beans, eggs, dark leafy greens and spices like ginger and cayenne pepper, are all on the list of foods to eat to nip sinusitis in the bud. By eating these foods, you are boosting your overall health and improving your quality of life if you are a chronic sufferer.

Eating a lot of spicy foods, such as horseradish, can open congested sinuses. Obviously, only eating spicy foods will not rid of your sinusitis, but will help keep the sinus passages open and provide temporary relief. Only do this if your stomach can handle it: there is no sense in causing one problem in the efforts to solve another! Fruits and vegetables are always a great option when considering low-mucus producing foods. The average adult is recommended to eat nine servings of fruits and vegetables daily, and further encouraged to replace pre-packaged snacks with fresh produce.

Some other foods and drinks to consider:

Decaffeinated tea or homemade chicken soup, as warm fluids help break up congestion;
Fish or other Omega 3 fatty foods;
Yogurt contains healthy probiotics which can help fight any infection; and,
Honey is a common treatment because it contains natural antibiotics.

Try to limit fruits belonging to the citrus group such as lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit. Vegetables and a diet rich in vitamin A is ideal defense against sinus problems because vitamin A is known to rebuild healthy mucus membranes. Some sources include egg yolk, pumpkin, carrot, dark leafy vegetables, mango and papaya.

Some foods to avoid and guidelines:

Fried foods;
Starchy foods;
White sugar;
Too strong spices;
Fermented foods like mustard and mayonnaise, which causes an imbalance in your body’s PH.
Meats (as they can contain allergens that can cause a symptom flare up); and,
Some dairy products (like whole milk), can cause the overproduction of mucus and congestion.

Sardines, seaweed and leafy green vegetables which are optimal sources of calcium in the absence of dairy.
It is much better to eat fruit than drink fruit juice as they have a higher concentration of sugars.
Avoid caffeine as it weakens your adrenal glands, which are essential in overall upkeep of your sinus health.

You can open your blocked Eustachian tubes by closing your mouth, holding your nose, and gently blowing. This is also good to try if yawning and chewing gum hasn’t helped. In a more serious case, you may need surgery to drain the fluid out and relieve any pressure by putting a small tube in the eardrum, which falls out when it heals.

Hearing loss can affect you gradually, getting a hearing test allows you to set a baseline for future measure, or show if you already have significant loss and allow to consider your options.

If you put to work all of these solutions for treating sinus and sinus-related hearing issues, and continue a lifestyle and diet that are beneficial, you can hope to see results almost immediately.

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