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Science Says Stress Is Contagious — Here’s How to Avoid Catching It

Stress might feel like something personal that hits an individual based on his or her own reactions to situations, but stress is actually something that can spread from person to person like a disease. Stress, in all its forms from simple anxiety all the way up to full blown frustration and anger, is a communicable […]

Americans are Drinking a Daily Cup of Coffee at the Highest Level in Six Years: Survey

Coffee consumption in America is at its highest levels in six years. The increasing numbers of cups drunk is coming not only from the gourmet cafe market, but also significant increases in how many people are sitting down with a cup at home. About two thirds of adult Americans drink coffee regularly. While consumption levels […]

A Fish Diet May Help Reduce Risk of Multiple Sclerosis

A recent study has found an association between eating fish and the prevention of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the central nervous system that may lead to neuro-degeneration.  MS isn’t considered a genetic disease but it does seem to run in families. Fish and fish oil provide Omega-3 proteins […]

How Safe and Effective are Supplements Containing Synephrine?

Many of us are eager to lose weight. However we can, whatever might do the trick. Thermogenic fat burning supplements are a common and often chosen option. These supplements are comprised of various substances that help promote higher metabolism and encourage the body to use up the calories stored in body fat. A common ingredient […]

9 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Giving Birth

Even the most avid parents can have a hard time knowing what to expect when giving birth. Weight loss may seem obvious, as a baby is leaving your body, but in the weeks following delivery, it’s not uncommon to shed tens of pounds. All of the stereotypical pregnancy cravings also seem to disappear almost immediately, […]

Million Mom Movement

The Million Mom Movement helps moms take control of their family’s health through the food choices they make. As moms we will do whatever we can to keep our children safe, but because of slick marketing, we often may not realize that the foods we our giving our kids may not be good for them. […]

Western Diet Increases Alzheimer’s Risk

Alzheimer’s disease, a traumatizing disease that destroys the neuro systems associated with memory. Devastating to the loved ones around the victim of this vicious disease. Recent studies are showing that one’s diet can be a major contributing factor to their risk of having Alzheimer’s in the future. The study claims that a western diet from […]

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Contact Lens Online

Both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTA) regulate the sales of contact lens. You, of course, must have a valid prescription for your contact lens. In today’s modern world, it is possible for you to purchase contact lenses several ways. You can shop in stores, use the Internet, […]

The 15 Crucial Steps Needed To Achieve Financial Independence

According to a recent blog post, there are 15 steps that people can take to achieve financial independence. In the blog post, written by Jeff Rose, actionable steps are outlined that will make sense to even the least savvy of savers. These actions range from addressing someone’s financial mindset to actual tangible things that can […]