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CBD for skincare

CBD Oil for Skincare: What Does It Really Do?

We can’t deny the fact that CBD oil is having a moment, and some people swear by it. If you’re reading this article, chances are you might be intrigued by the benefits of CBD oil for skincare. And guess what? That’s exactly what we are going to talk about. So, just keep reading! CBD Oil […]

CBD Oil for Arthritis Pain: Does It Really Treat Arthritis?

Around 54 million adults and 300,000 children in the US are diagnosed with arthritis. Several others remain undiagnosed and are succumbing to joint pain in silence. Arthritis is a common problem that causes pain, joint stiffness, and limited movements, thereby causing overall distress. There are available treatments, but recently CBD oil for arthritis has been […]

CBD Oil Beginner’s Guide: What You Should Know About CBD?

We, at HealthStatus, know how it feels to be a beginner. It may be isolating, confusing, and at times it can be depressing. One major reason for this is one’s unfamiliarity with the situation, and/or of the topic. CBD oil is one of the hottest topics nowadays. Hence, we find it necessary to make a […]

The Secret to Giving (And Receiving) Compliments

How do you tell someone they look good without sounding creepy? How do you praise a co-worker without seeming patronizing? And how do you respond if someone compliments you? Saying positive things to another person is one of the building blocks of a relationship and yet sometimes it seems like one of the hardest things […]

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Purium Review: 10 Day Transformation Days 4 to Done

My experience with the 10-day Transformation from Purium went by quicker than I thought it would, this is a recap of days 4 through the end.  Part 1 of the story is here.

Purium Review: 10 Day Transformation Days 0-3

Since we brought on board the Purium products to HealthStatus, I have been dabbling with the different products they offer, but have wanted to try the 10-day Transformation. My schedule had a favorable section with little travel and no big family events, so I ordered the kit.

Tired? Try the Core 3 Daily by Purium

100 years ago, all food was natural and organic. In recent years, scientists have genetically modified many of the foods we are consuming, and we are seeing an increase in an array of diseases. We don’t have a single clue what these scientists are putting into our fresh fruits and vegetables, much less what the […]

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Can Fat-melting ‘Hot Pants’ Help You Lose Weight?

Science says being cold makes you burn more calories. But many women now swear by Hot Pants. Shorts or capris that make you sweat. These pants have one woman raving that she dropped two dress sizes. See full article here: Science doesn’t seem to back up this theory but if it can help you […]