Dawn Boxell, RD, CD

Survival Kit

In the last year the US has been hit with Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Wild Fire, Snow and Ice Storms, Terrorist Attacks. When the next disaster  occurs, Are you ready? Life comes at you fast. Emergency situations are a frequent reality and according to FEMA, you may have to survive on your own for 72 hours without […]

Make Weight Loss Permanent With This Simple Solution

I GET IT!!! You want to lose weight. Correct? And if you do lose weight, you “fear” regaining it all. Right?

Lose Weight And Become Healthier By Eating Red Meat And Butter!

Yes – You read this right! A diet higher in saturated fats like red meat, eggs and butter while decreasing whole grain carbohydrates not only produces greater weight loss. It improves your overall health by decreasing your risk for diabetes while improving heart health.

Give Me 5 Minutes A Day – And I Will Double Your Weight Loss

Listen — After counseling thousands upon thousands of weight loss surgery patients I know the anger, frustration and eventually disappointment you experience when weight loss promises go unfulfilled. Especially if the promise is being made by a professional who is supposed to have your best interest at heart.

Calorie Counting And Weight Loss No Longer Add Up

In support groups, when I ask patients to explain how foods they eat turn into body fat, the most common response is…. “Fat in the diet turns into body fat” When I ask patients to explain why they believe this, their typical answer is….. “Because I have been told to lose weight, I need to […]