Pedometers – A Caring Holiday Gift

Pedometers – A Caring Holiday Gift

Need a gift idea for someone on your list. How about a pedometer? A pedometer says you care about the health of the recipient. A recent study finds that counting your steps leads to weight loss and lower blood pressure!

People who used a pedometer for 18 weeks and kept a journal of how many steps they were taking per day walked an average of 7 more miles weekly, lowered their body mass index, and lowered their blood pressure.

The device “is a great little motivator,” said Stanford University internist and lead author Dr. Dena M. Bravata. “I never anticipated such a small intervention could have such a big effect.”

Bravata and colleagues from Stanford and the University of Minnesota analyzed results of 26 studies of pedometer use, with a total of 2767 participants. Researchers found that participants who wore a pedometer increased their activity by 27%. Systolic blood pressure dropped an average of 3.8 points.

Pedometers are fairly inexpensive you can find a simple model for as little as $10 to $15. That is an amazing bargain when you consider all the health benefits generated just by becoming aware of how many steps one takes in a day.

Want more health gift ideas? Body Fat Scales, Heart Monitor Watches, Gym Memberships, and Work Out Videos are great gift ideas for the fit or not so fit. Don’t forget Back or Foot Massagers, or a Spa Treatments. All of these are good choices for improving your loved ones lives.

Happy Holidays and good luck shopping out there!


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