Are Compression Garments Beneficial for Endurance Runners?

Athletes of all sports want train to the best of their ability. This also includes pushing themselves to their limits and healing as fast as possible. One such example is that of compression garments being used by endurance runners. Do these garments have any effect on the athletes using them and is it a positive or negative effect? The American College of Sports Medicine has published in their health and fitness journal a study that discusses these questions. Besides the popularity of the garment, they do seem to have some type of positive effect including aiding in recovery. Also, the garments may help to reduce the symptoms of certain injuries or complications. It may be too early to completely understand the effect of compression garments, but there is some evidence that attests to their usefulness.

Key Points:

  • 1Use of compression garments is increasing among athletes and people wanting to stay in shape through exercise. Runners, and those doing aerobics among other sports are turning to compression garments.
  • 2There is some thought that use of compression garments can decrease recovery time when certain sport related injuries occur within the body.
  • 3Muscle damage incurred during training may be reduced by compression garments. This would allow an athlete to continue training and making strides toward goals.

Utilization of compression garments as a recovery modality may reduce symptoms associated with exercise-induced muscle damage and may decrease recovery time between exercise bouts, allowing endurance runners to train more effectively.

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