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How Sound Impacts Your Sleep Cycle

Some of us can sleep through a hurricane, while others will bolt upright at the creak of a door being opened. But everyone’s sleep is affected by the sounds we hear as we lay slumbering. In fact, a whole host of sensory cues can play a major role in how much, and how efficient, we […]

‘I Went Camping To Fix My Broken Sleeping Pattern’

Going to sleep used to be so easy. The day would end, the sun would go down, and maybe you might read a bit next to a lamp; but then you’d hit the sack and that was that. For the most part, being in bed meant you were falling asleep. Not anymore. In today’s increasingly […]

Sleep-Related Eating Disorder: Causes, Treatment, and More

Sleep is critical to the normal and healthy function of a human’s life. Unfortunately, some disorders can disrupt the ability to get restful sleep, either in quality or quantity. One disorder that doesn’t get a lot of attention is SRED, or sleep related eating disorder. This is a condition where, during the period when the […]

Sleep Disturbances Common in National Guard Soldiers After Deployment

It’s not big surprise, to either civilians or those in the military, that military service can have an impact on regular sleeping patterns. But new research that looked at National Guard personnel has shown even after their tours of duty end the soldiers can still suffer from sleep problems. The study looked at National Guard […]

Secondhand Smoking Tied to Snoring in Kids

That secondhand smoke is dangerous is not new medical news. But the dangers of it continue to spread, as ongoing research investigates deeper and further into the subject. The latest medical research reveals that the children of smokers, children who are exposed to secondhand smoke, increases the chance of those children becoming snorers. Far from […]

Sleep Doctor Good Enough For Oprah Says This Is The Hack We All Need To Know

We all need sleep. Without it, our bodies and minds cannot recharge and recover for the next day. Too long without not just sleep, but the right kind of sleep, can be very damaging to your overall health. Sleeplessness, or chronic problems getting good sleep, can lead to stress, inattention, and even physical health issues. […]

How Sound Can Hack Your Memory While You Sleep | Greg Gage

Sleeping provides some necessary functions for our brain. Specifically important is the transference of memories from short-term to long-term. This is done while we are in the deepest stages of sleep, specifically slow-wave sleeping.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Tied to Improved Sex Life

Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder that affects many men and women in around the world.  It was recently found in a small survey about quality of life when treating sleep apnea that there may be  additional benefits in sexual health in regards to treatment of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea  is when your airway collapses while […]

Marital Spats Plus Sleep Deprivation Could Equal Health Problems

Being sleep deprived alters your mood, even if you’re aware it can and try to guard against it. Lack of sleep increases your level of stress, both physical as well as mental. Beyond making you harder to deal with for others, it can increase your own risk of physical symptoms such as cardiovascular problems and […]

This Is What Your Dreams Really Mean

Dreams, every goodnight’s sleep has them.  Sometimes we remember them more often we don’t.  Can you put crazy dreams down to a spicy meal?  I don’t think so.  Dream analysis or Depth Psychology studies what your unconscious psyche is telling you. Dreams about missing a test or being late for work are pretty common.  These […]