Foods to Eat to Help Prevent Diabetes

There has always been a question asked within the food industry and that question is, Why does meat lead to a higher risk of diabetes and why does that risk drop whenever a person begins to reduce the amount of meat they intake daily? In the article it’s mentioned multiple times that plants are a […]

Family Behavior Can Lead to Diabetes-Related Eating Disorders

In the article “Family Behavior Can Lead to Diabetes-Related Eating Disorders,” the author, Craig Idlebrook, summarizes an argument from pediatric diabetes dietitian Carmel Smart that parents may actually be harming their children who have Type 1 diabetes when they are actually trying to help them. Smart suggests that parents who enforce strict carbohydrate limitations on […]

A Guide for Blood Sugar Management When Travelling Across Time Zones

You can travel with diabetes by adjusting your insulin injection schedule to account for the irregularities travel causes. It is important to think about your schedule ahead of time and plan your meals and injections with a care team. If you are travelling within America, you may not need to make an adjustment unless the […]

How to Prep for Air Travel with Type 1 Diabetes

There are some special concerns for a diabetic when traveling, and there are some appropriate ways to address those concerns. When flying a diabetic has to consider TSA or security checkpoints in airports and the regulations that they have in place. It is important to always declare to the checkpoint guards that you are a […]

Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar and Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 29.1 million Americans were living with diabetes as of 2012. An additional 86 million Americans have pre-diabetes, a condition in which their blood sugar levels are elevated but not high enough to meet diagnostic criteria for diabetes. Though people with pre-diabetes do not yet have diabetes, […]