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Seven Benefits Of Pelvic Floor Exercises

Despite being commonly known as a problem area for primarily women, the pelvic floor is a set of muscles in both males and females that can weaken over time. Which is not surprising really, when you consider that your pelvic floor is responsible for supporting your bladder, your bowels and helps you in bed as […]

How to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Having a healthier lifestyle can drastically improve your day-to-day life. Exercising and eating healthily can make you happier and give you more energy to enjoy your favorite activities.

Risks Of Sitting More Than 8 Hours And How To Deal With It

Over the years, there have been various medical and lifestyle habits that have come to light as unsafe. Look at smoking. Smoking was huge. Companies would actively run ads saying that their cigarettes were doctor recommended and husband approved. Those were the old days when we didn’t have all the data. Among the growing list […]

Things You Need To Consider In Order To Avoid Injuries During Workouts

Are you finally sticking to a diet plan to lose weight and considering doing some sports to get in shape? Good for you! That’s a fantastic decision. In all honesty, it is not easy to make such a brave decision, but since you did, you should make sure you are nourished properly and are performing […]

9 Surprising Health Benefits Of Having A Beard

Are you a man looking to make yourself more attractive to members of the opposite sex? Growing a beard might just do the trick. According to a recent survey, more than 60% of women say that they like when men have facial hair. And of those women, almost 45% say that they prefer a beard over a […]