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How To Get Back To Taking Care Of Your Body In 3 Steps

Taking care of your health is critical as you get older. If you’ve been neglecting your physical health for a few years, here’s what you need to do to get your body back on track.  

Top 5 Exercises For Trail Running

Any experienced trail runner can tell you that navigating uneven terrain, rapid elevation changes, and battling harsh weather conditions makes trail running a whole different animal than treadmill or street running.

Should You Exercise When Sick?

How Working Out Affects Your Health

Despite the importance of exercise and fitness to one’s health, only one out of three adults are accomplishing 150 minutes of exercise weekly. Worse, roughly 50 million Americans are experiencing a sedentary life, leading them to an early grave. 

How Physical Therapy Can Help After An Injury

When it comes to treatment after physical injury, there are many options you can choose from, such as physical therapy and rehabilitation.  With an effective treatment plan, anyone with a physical condition or injury will be able to recover eventually. For instance, you sustained a serious injury that kept you from walking properly or made […]

The Importance Of A Workout Recovery Plan

4 Ways To Kick Seniors’ Exercise Plans Up A Notch

As seniors move further into their advancing years, staying active becomes increasingly important. Although any physical activity is valuable, achieving optimal health involves more than mall walks — it requires consistent dedication to an exercise regimen.

Understanding Foot Fungal Infections

Foot fungus is a common skin infection that affects many people across the world. The skin condition results from mold-like germs living in the dead cell of your nails, hair, and skin. There are over 80 known types of fungus that affect your feet.

10 Benefits Of Fasted Cardio

Many people think that training fasted refers to not having any food in their stomachs when they perform any exercise. But that’s not true in most cases. You may feel that you’ve nothing in your stomach, but the reality is, you may still digest the meat you ate up to 3-4 hours before. The reason […]

How People Of All Ages Can Stay Active

This year, exercise has looked different than it has in the past. Many people used to visit gyms and boutique exercise studios on a regular basis. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many individuals are working out in their homes or in the outdoors. Exercise is important for people across every age group. Whether you enjoy […]