Joanna Conceives Naturally After IVF

Joanna is a 27 year old woman who has had troubles conceiving a child of her own. She was told that her hormone levels would eventually balance out and she began searching for answers. None came until she discovered Natural Fertility. Products she found on Naturalfertilityshop.com helped to balance out her hormones and even gave […]

It’s Okay to Keep Your Miscarriage Private

Going through a miscarriage can be of the most agonizing experiences in a woman’s life–and one of the hardest to open up about. Aela Mass writes a refreshingly forgiving piece of why we may feel pressured to “come out” and tell others what happened, and why it’s completely okay not to. Have Facebook and Twitter […]

Is Fertility Hereditary?

When dealing with infertility one may wonder if it is genetic, or passed down from mother to daughter. According to this article, there is no definite evidence that supports this theory. However, there are conditions that may complicate or interfere with a woman’s ability to conceive that are considered potentially genetic. One condition is called […]

7 Tests I’m Taking After Multiple Miscarriages

Aela began her motherhood journey as a healthy 34 year old woman by getting standard genetic tests and STD screening. She became pregnant on her 2nd IVF cycle, but the pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage. At 35, considered an advanced maternal age, she became pregnant again but suffered another miscarriage. Being an otherwise healthy woman […]

How Do You Know When to Stop Trying for a Baby?

After several miscarriages, a couple continues to try for a baby in hopes that the next pregnancy will be successful. Adoption is a option logisitically, but this family would prefer a child of their own. Alea, the woman writing the blog, describes both miscarriages and the hope associated with each pregnancy. Her wife has lost […]

7 Ways to Stay Positive During Infertility

Are you battling infertility? You are not alone! It is a trying battle full of ups