Paint Your Plate With Purple Produce For American Heart Month

Welch’s is trying to get the word out to the general public during American Heart Month about colorful fruits and vegetables, and the role they play in helping improve your health. Most people seem to know that they are to include different colors of these fruits and vegetables in their diet, but unfortunately, many don’t actually put that knowledge into practice. What’s more problematic is that many people don’t realize the importance of the blue and purple fruits and vegetables. Most people can’t name more than just a few and these colors are such a small part of most people’s diets. Welch’s wants people to know that Welch’s grape juice provides the consumer with some powerful nutrients and polyphenols that can actually improve the health of your heart. The juice appears to do the same thing that red wine does for the heart. So go ahead and add this juice to your daily repetoire. Your heart will be glad that you did.

Key Points:

  • 1Almost half of consumers (44 percent) don’t know or aren’t sure that specific colors of fruits and vegetables offer unique health benefits.
  • 2A colorful diet helps ensure you’re getting the broadest possible range of vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant nutrients
  • 3Currently, only three percent of Americans’ produce intake is from the purple and blue category.

While 73 percent of Americans know purple fruits and vegetables are an option, only 18 percent of Americans can name more than three. Currently, only three percent2 of Americans’ produce intake is from the purple and blue category.

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