Are you ready? Life comes at you fast. Emergency situations are a frequent reality and according to FEMA, you may have to survive on your own for 72 hours without access to food and clean water. Not many have survival food and water stored and for those who do, is it organic? Prepare with the Organic Food Storage & Survival Kit, providing you with micro and macro superfoods. You’ll also get 20 gallons of pure water with the water purifying bottle, allowing you to purify available water for safe consumption.

Kit includes:

  • FREE Daily Fiber Blend (caramel apple or original) $29.95 retail price
  • MVP Sport (chocolate/vanilla)
  • Green Spectrum (lemon or original)
  • Bio Fruit
  • Shaker Bottle
  • Water Purifying Bottle

Feeds a family of 4, for 1 week
Lightweight (2 lbs.) for easy carry
20 gallons worth of pure water

While Supplies Last

Daily Fiver Organic – Original 30 Serving
Daily Fiver Organic – Caramel Apple 30 Serving

Green Spectrum Lemon – 60 Serving
Green Spectrum Original – 60 Serving

MVP Sport Chololate 15-30 Servings
MVP Sport Vanilla 15-30 Servings

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