Purium Review: 10 Day Transformation Days 4 to Done

My experience with the 10-day Transformation from Purium went by quicker than I thought it would, this is a recap of days 4 through the end.  Part 1 of the story is here.

After losing three pounds over the first three days I was pretty stoked.  From previous experience I know that with these types of programs you generally pickup more loss the last few days once your system “flushes and resets” to what you switched to.  Purium has many documented cases of people on the 10-day Transformation losing between 5 and 20 pounds.  Being competitive I wanted to be in that high range of loss, since the weight loss was a motivating factor in this experiment.

I noticed about this point in the week that my acne had cleared up, not sure if it is my hydration level being so high, the Purium food, the not eating all the other stuff or all the above, but for the 10 days plus a little, I was much clearer.

About day 4 in the cycle, I started eating some watermelon, red bell pepper slices and cucumber in addition to the Purium products.  With the Purium products there isn’t any chewing going on, and I was really in the mood to crunch on something.  All these are “approved foods” in the information that comes with the program.  Really, everything from this point on was fairly uneventful.  I was NOT weighing daily, for me micromanaging that would be a stressor that I really don’t need.  You can pretty much look at your calorie intake with the program, and if you don’t cheat, you can’t help but lose weight barring some other medical condition.  I had decided early that I would weigh on day 3, 6, 9, 10, 11, & 12.  You are probably asking why I would continue to weigh after a 10-day program.  I have found that some of these programs really are a disguised diuretic, so you lose water weight, not fat.  Then once you go off and properly re-hydrate poof the weight comes right back.

On day six I weighed and was down five pounds from my initial weight.  So I had only lost two pounds since day three, bummer, but still I was at five pounds of lost weight.  On day eight, I really thought about just chewing on my arm for a while, my family are cattle ranchers and a hearty piece of meat has been a staple for me all my life, so this mainly drinking and chomping a cucumber was not getting me a chew satisfaction at all.  But I buckled down and soldiered on.   Day nine came and on my weigh in I was down another four pounds since day six, getting me to nine pounds of loss through nine days.  Woot!!  So with a new found energy I blasted through days nine and ten.  Speaking of energy, I was never dragging the whole ten days of the process.  If napping were a sport, I would be competitive in the top tier.  In my 10 days I only had one and it was just a 20 minute snooze.

On day ten, I weighed in and had only lost half a pound since the previous day and I was finished!  Well, I thought so.  I had a landscape project I was working on and got an early start on what was day 11, I still took my aminos first thing in the morning, and after I had been out in the yard for about two hours, I said to my wife, “I know this sounds crazy, but can you fix me a powershake?”  Really?? I had been drinking these things three times a day for ten days, and now I was sort of craving another.  That got me going for another couple of hours outside in the sun.

So my final results after my weigh-ins on days 11, 12 and 14, was a maximum loss of 13.8 pounds, and I settled in at and have maintained a loss of 12 pounds now 2 weeks after the 10 day transformation.  Clothes are a lot looser, and I have been to a couple of events since I completed it, and several people have immediately noticed I have lost weight.  Which I really appreciate.   So would I do it again?  Well, I have already ordered my supplies for another round.  I plan on having a six week interval between sets and I am doing the Core3 Daily program in the meantime.  The Purium 10-day Transformation is the real deal, and I highly recommend that you try it if you want to get a good foundation for eating better or you want a solid program that will blow some weight off in just a few days.

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