Does Less Sleep Make You Less Healthy?

Does Less Sleep Make You Less Healthy?

Poor sleeping patterns may lead to other health problems such as, being overweight and obese. After performing a study including over 1600 individuals from the United Kingdom, researchers made the observation that individuals who average 6 hours or less of sleep a night had a waist line that was over an inch larger than individuals who averaged over 6 hours of sleep or more a night. While dietary and other nutritional observations were also made, researchers were not able to make a correlation between people who ate unhealthy foods and shortened sleeping patterns. Leaving a main proponent of gaining weight and being obese, in this individual study, lack of sleep. Although the study admits that it can not make a direct correlation between lack of sleep and weight gain, it does go on to say that this is a significant discovery in the field of what sleep can do to improve body health. The people who slept less weight more on average and also had a far reduced level of “good cholesterol” in their blood. Although this study doesn’t involve an enormous number of people, if the data is extrapolated then it may be able to tell the world about major bodily operations and how they function.

Key Points:

  • 1People that sleep less had lower HDL cholesterol and weighed more.
  • 2Seven to nine hours of sleep is best for most adults.
  • 3The researchers found no links between unhealthily diet and sleep.

The waists of those who slept an average of six hours a night were more than an inch larger than those who slept nine hours a night, the finding showed.

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