Stop smoking

Quit Smoking: Benefit Timeline

March 31 is Kick Butts Day.  Do you need to quit smoking? Do you need some motivation to do so? In just 20 minutes after quitting you improve your health. Look over the timeline below that outlines the health benefits you will realize when you finally quit smoking.

Natural Cholesterol Reducers

Do you want to reduce your high cholesterol levels without having to take prescription drugs and restore your body’s cholesterol balance naturally? Natural cholesterol reducers are an alternative to pharmaceuticals for lowering cholesterol levels of the body. They are believed to be safer than prescription drugs with a number of studies showing their effectiveness in […]

Natural Blood Pressure Reducers

High blood pressure affects many adults with most of them being unaware about it. When two or more consecutive readings above 140/90 mmHg are observed the person is said to have hypertension. You needn’t worry if you have recently found that you have hypertension, as there are many natural remedies for controlling this ‘silent killer’. […]

Understanding Triglycerides

High triglyceride levels are linked to coronary artery disease. When your doctor does blood work to check cholesterol levels he will also be checking your triglyceride levels for a more complete picture of your health.

Heat, Humidity and Exercise Safety

When you are exercising or playing in the summer heat there are some things you need to watch out for to avoid serious physical consequences. First let’s simplify the factors that affect heat stress on your body during exercise: Air Temperature; Humidity; Wind Velocity; Thermal Radiation.

Salt: Friend or Foe?

The average American consumes 15 pounds of salt per year. That is the equivalent of 3 five pound bags of sugar. Our bodies need salt to survive but how much salt is enough?