Book Review: UnBreak your Health The Complete Guide to Complementary & Alternative Therapies by Alan E. Smith

Those of you familiar with the HealthStatus web site know that we promote prevention before health conditions become serious by providing you with free health risk assessments and calculators to provide you with knowledge on areas where you might be at risk. Knowledge is power. And this book is a way to provide you with a one stop source for discovering complementary and alternative therapies.

Do you feel like your health is broken, and you haven’t been able to find help from your regular medical professional? Now may be the time to consider alternative therapies. This book lays out therapies that go back over 5000 years in ancient China to things that have been discovered in this decade. It provides an overview of the treatments, how they were discovered, who discovered them, sometimes it will detail certification requirements to look for in professionals who profess to administer the treatments, and most often there is a web site associated with each for your further research. 

A quote in the book from Randolph Stone, D.E.,D.C., N.D. “Whatever works, works!” For each person something may work but it won’t work for everyone. Health is very individual which is why searching for alternatives may be your only course for taking control of your health. One of my favorites alternative therapies listed was Humor. Laughter is affordable and good medicine. But this book is not all light hearted. This book attempts to give you the resources to find real help for health problems that you haven’t had success in solving. 

The information is laid out in a research or text book format with introductions and conclusions to sections by Alan E. Smith.  The book concludes with Alan E. Smith stressing that You have the power to choose, explore and look for answers to your own health problems and to encourage American’s and business to spend money on the prevention side of health instead of waiting for disease before we get motivated.

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