7 Tips To Slow Down Aging And Stay Younger For Longer

While you can’t permanently stop your body from aging, you could engage in activities that slows the aging process down while staying younger for an extended period of time. Here are 7 habits that you can engage in today.

9 Effective Anti-Aging Tips

Aging is a natural part of life, but it is a process that causes a great deal of concern for many people. Aging can take its toll physically, but it can also have a significant impact on mental health because people feel like they are losing their youth and physical attractiveness. While there is nothing […]

Regenerative Medicine is Continuing to Shine, Podiatrists are Finding it Beneficial

Regenerative medicine deals with tissue engineering tissues and molecular biology. In a nutshell, it is the process of replacing the cells in the body that are known as “regenerating” human cells. It is unlocking the regenerative capabilities of the human body. When your cells are no longer functioning as they should, adding new cells can […]

Benefits Of Good Lifestyle Habits To Live A Longer Life

Many of us believe that having a long life is largely determined by genetics. However, we fail to understand that environmental factors and lifestyle are the keys on how to live longer. Having a healthy habit is any behavior that benefits the physical, mental and emotional health. These are the habits that would have an […]

How Scrabble Affects the Way You Use Your Brain

Brain training games, plenty of advertisements are floating around there for you to enhance your brain’s ability. But what if you don’t want to play on your phone? What about a classic game? Enter, Scrabble, a word game in which two to four players score points by placing tiles, each bearing a single letter, onto […]

How To Get Nursing Home Residents Outside

There are several physical and mental barriers that prevent elderly people from getting outside. Especially when they live in a nursing home. Depending on their abilities, even a short walk could take a lot of energy and might cause a risk of falling. This can make it a frightening prospect and many elderly people would […]

Does the Keto Diet Help Our Hormones?

Exercise and Dieting Tied to Reduced Disability in Obese Older Adults

Obese older adults can still improve their quality of life by adding exercise to their routine.  A recent study looked at 180 generally healthy, sedentary, non-smoking, obese adults aged 65 to 79.  All participants were put into a supervised exercise program.  They were divided into 3 groups: exercise only; exercise and 250 calories less than […]

Older Women Still Need Bone Checks to Prevent Fractures

As women age and enter the elderly range, they become increasingly susceptible to bone loss. This osteoporosis leaves them with less bone density, which opens them up to a greater risk of suffering fractures. Doctors are recommending more intensive osteoporosis screening, especially as the United States population’s average lifespan continues to increase and more people […]

Anxiety Tied to Fracture Risk in Postmenopausal Women

As women age, they start to become more at risk for fracturing a bone. Older women who experience symptoms of anxiety are even more at risk for not just fractures, but overall reduced skeletal health. New research looked at women past menopause. Women who reported low overall levels of anxiety had only a twenty percent […]