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A relationship program designed for every relationship

We took the best parts from traditional couples counseling, over 60 years of relationship research, plus the wisdom of other happy couples and combined it with seamless interactive technology to create a unique, guided therapeutic experience.
Today, we are living at the apex of technological advancement, and only now are we learning about how things like stress, dysfunctional relationships, and misdirected goals are negatively impacting our health: chronic depression, persistent illness, shortened life spans… the list goes on.

With CoupleWise, you can start immediately repairing, growing, and improving yourself and your relationships today.

We provide the program, the process, the information. You supply the effort.

It’s never too late to start. Hope for a better, happier future starts with one click. Sign up and register now.

25% off the regular price for HealthStatus Visitors

Subscription is complete access for you AND your partner (yes, you have separate logins) You create your needs profile, your partner creates theirs, and CoupleWise gives you exercises, games and ideas in a way that each of you get your needs met.


Like relationship counseling for 1/10th the price of one session!



What do you and your partner need to be happy? We not only clarify those needs, but we help you meet them and then we teach you how to communicate them in a stress-free way.



Learn how to replace criticism & blame with empathy-based listening and conflict resolution skills that will immediately improve your relationship.



Based on the process of world-renowned couples counselors, our 5-step process is the path you’ll follow to grow, repair, & strengthen your relationship… one need at a time.

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10 day free trial then Monthly $29.95, Quarterly $59.95, Annually $179


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