14-Day Eat Fat, Be Thin Reset


Lose weight and never regain, GUARANTEED!

“I struggle daily with my food intake. I love the part of having an accountability partner and writing down what I am feeling at the moment I’m eating because that is what is setting off the bad food choices and causing me to regain weight. I CAN get back on track and I WILL achieve my weight loss goals. Thanks for all you do”

As I was reading through the above testimonial written by one of our members, her response of STRUGGLING with her daily food choices stuck out to me. How could someone whose lost 100+ pounds and knows what to do, still struggle with daily food choices?

Then it hit me. We needed to help patients fall in love with foods that made them thin as opposed to gain weight. In other words, we needed to teach people how to achieve PERMANENT weight loss.

Losing weight is the easy part, keeping it off is the real battle

These days ‘weight loss advice is more acceptable and accessible than ever before.

  • Your Doctor can direct you to multiple medically assisted weight loss programs
  • YouTube is full of documented weight loss success stories
  • The internet provides easy access to valid health and nutrition information
  • Websites and social media help with planning and preparing healthy meals
  • Downloadable applications and wearable devices make fitness simple and accessible

It ALL sounds attractive, right?

Loving the image staring back at you in the mirror, never again battling the embarrassment of being overweight, or having to deal with the harsh reality of living with diabetes. Even worse, the real possibility of an early death.

Unfortunately, studies prove most overweight and obese individuals who lose a significant amount of weight, regain the majority of their excess weight loss within 2-5 years. Including, those who have had weight loss surgery.

Secrets to achieving permanent weight loss

Our mission at No More Regain is to help overweight and obese patients not only reach their weight loss goals, but more importantly stay there.

At No More Regain, we have over 20 years ‘experience helping thousands of patients with BMI’s over 30 who have struggled with weight regain, food addiction, anxiety, depression and other chronic health issues successfully navigate the physical and mental journey required to achieve and maintain their life long dreams and goals.


Product Description

14-Day Eat Fat, Be Thin Reset – The Crucial First Step

This reset program consists of our online Core Class Education, Daily Meal Plans and comes with access to our community of other like-minded participants.

Plus, we’ve put together a remarkably low-priced and value-packed Charter Student Membership offer.

Here is what is included in our reset:

Core Class Training – Our 14-Day Reset removes all the guess work and provides the solid educational and motivational information you need to jump start your weight loss, reduce sugar/carb cravings and get back on track to achieving your weight loss goals.

  • Daily Videos – Provide the education and motivation you need to get back on track to achieving your weight loss goals
  • Meal Plans for Two – Removes all the guess work associated with what to eat in order to jump start your weight loss, reset your system, grocery shopping list, and reduce sugar / carb cravings
  • Daily Homework Assignments – Will improve your mood, have you sleeping better and increase your energy levels.

Personalized Community:
By enrolling in our 14- Day Eat Fat, Be Thin Reset, you not only get access to our core training….But, you’ll develop valuable relationships while gaining a deeper insight to yourself and the training by becoming involved with our community of like-minded Patients via our: Private Facebook Community

Here is what our previous members are saying about 14-Day Eat Fat, Be Thin Reset 

I feel great. I lost a total of 11 pounds from drinking my smoothie and following the meal plan with the Eat Fat, Be Thin Reset. I stuck to my healthy food choices and forced myself to get back to moving and exercising daily. I do not look for a front row parking spot, but now when I am out I look for the furthest safest spot so I get in extra steps.

Plus, I spent the day today cooking and packing my meals for the week so I don’t give myself a reason to stray. This is my new routine for Sunday’s to cook healthy meals from the Eat Fat, Be Thin program.

I love to cook and the recipes are wonderful and easy to prepare. I really like the variety of choices and the reference guides it makes this reset very easy to do.

Thank you for everything Dawn!!!

Nancy W.,
Clarks Summit, PA

I loved the recipes… easy and my husband loved them, as did I. I felt full and satisfied. I have not had a low blood sugar since following the Eat Fat, Be Thin Reset and that was my goal.

Plus, the loss of 4 pounds was an added bonus. Looking back, I realize I was not eating the right foods therefore I was having low blood sugars. I have a whole new way of thinking when it comes to eating thanks to you Dawn! Thanks!!

Melissa M.,
Delphi, IN

The food was wonderful and even though my husband was not participating in the Eat Fat, Be Thin Reset, we did not spend any more on groceries than what I would normally spend.

Plus, I have been having issues with my sugar levels where my morning blood sugars have been registering between 252-275. By the morning of the 4th day of the Eat Fat, BE Thin Reset, my blood sugar was 144. That is the lowest it has been in a long time and even lower than my normal afternoon levels.

By the end of the Eat Fat, Be Thin Reset, not only had my blood sugars dropped significantly, but I had lost 7 pounds. I enjoyed the Reset so much, I am repeating it for a second 14 Days.

Cherie S.,
Huntington, IN

After my weight loss surgery I followed everything by the book and I was getting 8 hours of sleep no problem. Then on 6/13/13 I was in a car accident. I spent 5 weeks in the hospital. I have a traumatic brain injury. The first year after the accident I was focused on therapy, being able to drive again and loss of my income. With that my weight loss was not my main focus.

I also had problems while I was in the hospital with sleep. I’d sleep 4 hours and be wide awake. This continued after I came home. I’d get into bed and my mind would race with “I need to do this and that”. I have a Garmin that tracks my activity and also my sleep. After the fourth night of the ??? Reset, I slept 6 hours and by the end I slept 7 hour 48 minutes!!!! I haven’t done that in a couple of years. I credit it to eating the right foods.

Plus, I thought I couldn’t cook (or didn’t want to!). Now I am enjoying cooking again.

Thank you, the Eat Fat, Be Thin Reset has been a lifesaver.

Pam S.,
Star, ID

Charter Student Membership

It is our company policy at No More Regain to give our patients extremely low prices, plus the highest quality service

So, we have created what we are calling our Charter Membership offer for those who choose to become students in our “14 Day Eat Fat, Be Thin Reset”.

5-Pound Weight Loss Guarantee or Your Money Back

For our charter students, we GUARANTEE you will lose 5 pounds, or you get your money back. If you have not lost 5 pounds or you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your money.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Lifetime Membership

As a lifetime member, you get to retake the class as many times as you like at NO ADDITIONAL cost, no matter how many times we upgrade the content or raise the price for everyone else. You are locked in at this price GUARANTEED to never repay for the 14-Day Eat Fat, Be Thin Reset.

This offer is only available until Sunday January 29th, 2017. 

We looking forward to seeing you on the inside and helping fall in love with foods that keep you thin!

Dawn Boxell, RD, CD


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