Tips for the best results with Instantly Ageless

instantly ageless eye cream

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If you apply too much product, you’ll see white/chalky residue left behind.

To avoid this start with just a little, you’ll see results within 2 minutes and if you think you need to add a bit more for even better results, wait at least 10 minutes before you add any more, because it continues to work till it is completely dry.

Play with it a bit and you’ll quickly figure out exactly how much you need for your skin.

Remember to rub it between your finger tips to make it more “lotion-like”, then “dab” it on. Do not rub and leave it a little damp.

Fanning helps achieve the best results.

Clean your skin for best results – especially if you have oily skin.

Have Patience

While you will see results within 2 minutes – Instantly Ageless must completely absorb and dry before you start animating your face.

What works the best for most people is keeping their face expressionless for 7 to 10 minutes.

When you let it set up properly the results will generally last at least 8 hours.

Again, it make take a few tries to get the results you want, experiment and find what works the best for you.

White or Chalky Residue?

Usually if a person gets a white residue on their skin after applying Instantly Ageless it’s because they’ve used too much product and/or the way that it has been applied.

It is astounding how little product you need to use to get wonderful results.

Review the proper way to apply the product, try using less, and don’t be shy about asking for help if you are not happy with the results.

If you moisturize make sure to let your moisturizer dry completely before applying Instantly Ageless.

Always remember to rub Instantly Ageless between your finger tips to activate it, as in the video above, and then tap, tap, tap to apply it.

Do NOT rub it in – tap – and leave it a bit damp on the skin.

Speeding the drying is recommended with either a blow drier on a cool, low setting, a hand held fan or a magazine or book.

Gentleman this won’t apply to you, but ladies another great tip is to use Instantly Ageless after you apply your liquid foundation. If you use “dry” or powder make up, use Instantly Ageless before you apply your make up.

Some people find that if they squeeze a drop of Instantly Ageless on the back of their hand, add a drop of water, and mix the product and the water before applying, they like the results. This is worth experimenting with, if you are finding you have any residue.

Did you receive your Instantly Ageless during cold weather?

If you receive your Instantly Ageless during very cold weather, be patient and let your Instantly Ageless warm up to room temperature. You must warm it up so that it can be applied in a very thin layer. If you can’t wait for Instantly Ageless to warm up after receiving it, run the sachet under warm water for a few seconds.

It’s best stored at room temperature.

Jeunesse Global products are designed to be used as a system, and as you use our system, here are the steps…

1.  Jeunesse Global Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser

2.  Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum

3.  Luminesce Daily Moisturizing Complex

Let your Serum and Moisturizing Complex absorb for a minute or two.

(Gentlemen move on to step 4.)

(Ladies if you use liquid foundation, your next step is to apply your  liquid foundation. Water based foundation works better than oil based.)

4.  Instantly Ageless, rub a little bit between your finger tips to activate it and make it more “lotion-like”.  Apply Instantly Ageless, remembering less is best, dab, dab, dab and leave damp – don’t rub.

5.  Fan, don’t be shy, get a breeze going.  You’ll see results in 2 minutes but keep your face expressionless for 7 to 10 minutes for the very best results.

(Gentleman, you’re done!)

(Ladies apply the rest of your make up – powder and dry make up should be applied last.)

A note on packaging.

Originally Instantly Ageless only came in vials. Jeunesse Global has recently changed the packaging from vials to sachets, and is rolling out sachets in all markets. The amount of Instantly Ageless per box is exactly the same whether you receive vials or sachets. The amount of Instantly Ageless per vial was larger, but there were only 25 vials per box, there are now 50 sachets per box. Again, the amount of product in a box of vials and a box of sachets is exactly the same.

One last HINT.

Many people choose to use a push pin or a needle to poke a hole in the sachet, then squeeze desired amount per use, then fold and tape up or use a paper clip, or use a small binder clip to hold the fold, keeping the sachet fresh for your next use.


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