Month: July 2012

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Emotional Burdens

Emotional burden, that is a serious subject, and so we shall take it seriously. Emotional burden comes in many forms, from the light (I shouldn’t have had that second doughnut for breakfast), to the heavy burdens often carried by veterans that have seen combat and performed duties thereof, or by doctors that may be affected […]

Removing Splinters And Stickers

Ouch! That hurts! You just got a nasty splinter in your foot walking across the deck, time for the first aid kit. Most of the time when you get a splinter you can rely on the good ol’ tweezers method for removal. Pretty straight forward, see the splinter, grab it with the tweezers and pull […]

Pumpkin, The Super Food?

We have all had them on our front porch every October, carved into the scary faces to make the little kiddies scared to come up on the porch to get the handout of candy for trick-or-treat, and tempted the more mischievous older kids to smash them in the street. And what would a giant air […]

Is Drought Dangerous To Your Health?

According to the latest US Drought Monitor Map, almost three-quarters of the U.S. is at this moment in drought. Fires have already destroyed more than 1.8 million acres this year. Large parts of Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana are considered in extreme fire danger. Drought, often caused by extremely high temperatures, is a fact of […]

Stress From Being Too Connected (cell phones, text, email)

People love gadgets, and today we have lots of gadgets to love, but the main thing we have that we would just be lost without is our cell phones. Iphones, smart phones, android, some people (like me) carry a cell phone mostly just for making phone calls or keeping track of appointments days, weeks, or […]

Summer Foot Care Tips and Pedicure Tips

Summer Foot Care

It’s sandal weather again, (or barefoot weather for the truly free spirited) and along with the sandals and bare feet come all of the bad nasties that your feet can pick up along the way. One thing to keep in mind when you are sporting sandals, flip flops or sans shoe completely is too keep […]

Topical Antibiotics

Are Topical Antibiotics Bad For You?

Good question, but according to Pr Log, topical antibiotics happen to be excellent for the treatment of acne. Clindamycin and Erythromycin are the two most common topical antibiotics used for the treatment of acne. Topical antibiotics are also used for the treatment of other skin ailments such as rosacea, perioral dermatitis, shaving bumps, and other […]


Types Of Cataracts

Cataracts, you may understand this to be a clouding of the eye that impairs or destroys vision. You may have heard about the surgeries that correct the condition. But did you know that not all cataracts are the same? There are actually three primary types of cataract related to age: Nuclear Sclerotic, Cortical, and Posterior […]

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Understanding The New SPF Labels On Suntan Lotions

Ever find yourself wandering down an aisle full of sunscreen without knowing exactly what the SPF on the bottle means, and which lotion you need to use for proper protection?


Exercise Safety When It Is Hot

Warm weather is here and according to a news article I read recently, it is going to be one of the hottest summers on record! If you exercise regularly and you especially like to exercise outdoors, like running, walking, jogging, biking, playing golf, basketball, well, ok, you get the picture. But seriously, if you plan […]