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What Is A Bride Fit Coach? Having One May Accelerate Getting “Wedding Dress Ready”

The picture in the head of most people when thinking of a coach is the guy standing on the side of the field or court calling plays to the athletes.   True?   I get asked a lot about what I do for clients so I wanted to define what a Bride Fit coach is […]

Breathe-In THIS To Make You A Fit & Fabulous Bride

Getting ‘wedding dress ready’ and a Bride Fit body is not only about your nutrition and fitness.   I’m not minimizing the fact that what you are eating and your fitness program play a tremendous part your Bride Fit goals, but I want to make you aware of other very important factors such as sleep, […]

Lose Fat & Get Wedding Dress Ready WITHOUT Exercise

I’m so excited to let you in on a secret about losing fat without any gym time and you can do while you are sitting at your computer or watching TV!   Sound like something you may be interested in?   I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is!   Have […]

You Need This To Get A Bride Fit Body & Wedding Dress Ready

My first article of this year listed 6 rituals to implement to get the Bride Fit body you desire in 2017.   I wanted to focus today on one of those habits on the list that I believe most don’t take as seriously compared to the others because of lack of understanding of how absolutely […]

6 Simple Rituals to Get the 2017 Bride Fit Body You Desire

Don’t beat yourself up or feel defeated about overindulging during the holidays, it’s time to look forward and make a plan for your 2017 goals.   A goal without a plan is a dream, it’s the everyday habits we establish that make our goals a reality.   My suggestions don’t involve deprivation, endless hours at […]

What You Need to get BRIDE FIT for the New Year

Here we are in the final stretch of the holiday season!   It’s so exciting to see all the engagement announcements on social media!   The statistics show 33 percent of engagements happen between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.   As a ‘bride to be’ you have extra motivation to stay committed to New Year’s […]

Top 4 THINGS Your Partner Wants From His Bride

Truth be told, this was not the topic I was planning on writing about today, but a blog post on this site inspired me.   I want to share tools and habits that support you experiencing a Bride Fit relationship, which means you feel joy, comfort, ease, fun, emotional safety and overflowing love!   It […]

Add in small Changes to Make a BIG Impact on your Bride Fit Body

In the middle of the holiday season seems impossible to make time for health & fitness.   More than likely you are committing to getting on your Bride Fit Program in the New Year.   As your Bride Fit coach, I want to communicate that health & fitness doesn’t have to be all or nothing. […]

How About A Bride Fit Getaway Bachelorette Party?

I’m getting ready for my third healthy education getaway in two years at my favorite oasis for health & wellness; Sanoviv Medical Institute.   Sanoviv is a functional medical facility and health resort located in Rosarito, Mexico, providing cutting edge medical treatments in addition to health & education getaways.  

Don’t Give Up Your Bride Fit Plan During The Holidays

This time of year can be really stressful with holiday social events, family gatherings, gifts to buy and cards to send in addition to the “normal busy.”   It’s tempting to put your Bride Fit workouts and healthy eating on the back burner till January 1, which is what most women do!   The feeling […]